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2nd Sunday in Lent

During Lent we journey with all those around the world who will be baptized at the Easter Vigil. In today’s gospel Jesus tells Nicodemus that he must be born of water and Spirit. At the font we are a given a new birth as children of God. As God made a covenant with Abraham, in baptism God promises to raise us up with Christ to new life. From worship we are sent forth to proclaim God’s love for all the world.

The scripture readings for this week include:
AdventELC's theme for the year is: See Christ Clearly in 2020. We look to direct our attention and energy in two ways: seeing Christ clearly personally and showing Christ clearly to the world.
Our Midweek Lenten Offerings Can Help Change Lives
Camp Noah is a nationally acclaimed preparedness and resiliency program for children, hosted across the U.S. in communities that have been impacted by disaster and trauma.
The Mission is to bring hope and healing to communities that have been impacted by disaster. The vision is to serve disaster-impacted children and families by building resiliency, restoring hope and changing lives.

Camp Noah is owned by Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota and operates nationwide. For more than two decades, Camp Noah has responded to a wide range of natural and human-caused disasters. They identify camp locations each year based both on need and community requests.

This summer the Bishop and congregations of the Southern Ohio Synod would like to raise funds to bring Camp Noah to Dayton, Ohio to be with children who are still processing the disaster they are still recovering from when tornados hit there in May, 2019.

Each camp takes place over five days, but its impact lasts a lifetime. Because a child’s brain develops at such a rapid rate, it is uniquely sensitive to the disruptive forces of stress and trauma. This camp provides a safe and caring environment where children impacted by disaster or trauma build resiliency skills with peers within the familiarity of their own communities. Using a proven curriculum, Camp Noah helps children process their disaster or trauma experience through carefully designed activities and play.

Camp Noah celebrates every child as special. In this transformative setting, children are encouraged to face their fears, grieve their losses, identify and share their unique gifts and talents, and plan for an amazing future.

Through your giving at our midweek Lenten services, our offerings can help change lives. Please prayerfully consider giving, as this is a powerful way to see Christ clearly and make Christ clearly seen in 2020.
Noteworthy News
Time and Change Sunday
As we prepare to “spring forward” on this Sunday March 8th, please help the youth support their Compassion International student by bringing in your spare change to church! Soua Ï bou has been sponsored since 2014. He is from Burkina Faso and is in the 10th Grade. The youth communicate through letters with Soua Ï bou  about 3 times per year. So remember on this Sunday March 8th to “spring forward” an hour and bring your donations to help support the youth in their ministry to Soua Ï bou  on Time and Change Sunday!
Midweek Lenten Series and Soup Supper
Supper @ 6:30p
Service @ 7:15p
What is faith? The text from Hebrews 11:1 defines it in this way:  “Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.”  

This series focuses on the book of Hebrews, especially the eleventh chapter. The first four weeks provide a journey through the faith of the Old Testament figures, especially Noah, Abraham, Moses, and the Israelites. The fifth week brings us to Jesus, “the perfecter of our faith,” and his path to the cross.
Join us for this wonderful worship series as well as our FREE Soup Supper! Every Wednesday all are welcome to sit down for some food and fellowship. Fill your stomach and your heart as we get to know each other and worship with on another!

Women's Bible Study
We will be studying lesson 5 in our six-part series, "Every Picture Tells a Story" on Tuesday, March 10 at 10:00 a.m. We will be putting the finishing touches on our witness books and sharing some of our photographs. Please join us. All women of the church are welcome. We meet on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month at the church.
Julie Page 614-519-1014
Jane Moore 734-735-1216

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