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Easy living . . . hotdogs & hamburgers on the grill . . . fireworks on the 4th . . . sunsets to take my breath away . . . hummingbirds at my window . . . fireflies lighting up the night . . . falling stars drawing my eyes towards heaven . . . beach time. . . catching a wave. . . sand between my toes . . . building sand castles with grandchildren . . . catch & release (fireflies, tiny crabs, a fish) . . . warm summer breezes with a hint of ozone ahead of rain. . . cicadas hymning in the evening . . . those little “peeper” frogs chiming in . . . lazy days . . . sprinklers on the lawn . . . dew drops on spider webs. . . bathing suits on the clothes line . . . picking blueberries. . . watching the corn grow . . . a newspaper spread picnic table supper of fresh crab, buttered corn, and garlic bread shared with loved ones . . . .praying for rain . . . riverside thunder/lightening shows . . . sailing . . . blowsy gardens . . . butterflies and bumblebees . . . baby birds learning to fly . . . summer camp in the Blue Ridge . . . bare feet . . . farm-stand bounty . . . s’mores . . . dancing with sparklers . . . outdoor concerts . . . visiting family and friends and sharing memories. . . trips to the mountains . . . balmy nights . . . summer dreaming . . . summer memories . . . savoring the moments . . . wanting it to never end.

Summer moments are for savoring and sharing. What are some of your images?

Announcements - July Happenings
Reminder: July 4th - A red white & blue Sunday. Wear something special to church to celebrate July 4th this coming Sunday.
Vacation time: The Mountains are Calling
Scotty McMullen photo
SHRINE MONT beckoned and several of our St. John's and Farnham young people responded. Miriam Sisson heads off to Shrine Mont summer camp next week. Then Elena Milsted and Gracie Heltzel, along with friend Rachael Haynie head to Shrine Mont summer camp for an older group mid July. All four were sponsored by St.John's/Farnham and were mountain time "graced" with various scholarships either/or/and from the Diocese, the Northern Neck Region of the Diocese and/or St. John's/Farnham discretionary funds accumulated in 2020 for Shrine Mont camping purposes. They all go with our blessings that this Blue Ridge mountain time may be an abundant time for them.
Torrence is off to Boone

After church this Sunday, July 4th I will head to the Blue Ridge in western North Carolina to visit with family there for a week of vacation in the mountains around Boone. Then head to the coast and up to Virginia to spend some vacation time on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean at Cape Charles, also with family. What a splendid gift, time in two of my favorite nature venues: Mountains and Ocean. Visualizing a vacation, flowing like the waters in those mountain streams ultimately making it to the Atlantic Ocean, nourishing things along the way. I will be back in church with you all at St. John's on Sunday, July 18th - an exciting Sunday in which Bob Heltzel's great grandson, Arthur, will be baptized. Special thanks to Brother Mark for serving as officiant for your Sunday, July 11th, Morning Prayer Service at Farnham.  

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Upcoming Services
Sunday, July 4th  
Pentecost VI

10 a.m. Service of Morning Prayer

St. John's

Sunday, July 11th  
Pentecost VII

10 a.m. Service of Morning Prayer

N. Farnham
Sunday, July 18th 
Pentecost VIII

10 a.m. Service of Holy Communion

St. John's

Sunday, July 25th  
Pentecost IX

10 a.m. Service of Morning Prayer

N. Farnham
The Parish Prayer List
for those in need of God's comfort and healing:
Courtenay Altaffer
Ford Becker
Junius Berger
Martha Berger
Randall Bone
Sue Bowie
Sallie Cox
Constance Edwards
Bob File
David Gallagher
Carlton George
Regina Griggs
Barbara Grander
Dorothy Grove
Sandy Wade Hagan
The Rev. Howard Hanchey
Kelsey Heidenreich
Billy Hooper
Rebecca Hubert
Mary Douglas Lawton
The Rt. Rev. Peter Lee
Susan Lewis
Frank Lynch
Susannah Marais
Tommy Neuman
Judi Newman
James Rynd
Chris Smith
Debbie Belfield Stacks
Scott Strickler
Waldy Sulik
Billy Tennyson
Roclyn Tennyson
John Welch, II
Turner Williamson
Matthew Yates
Rose Mary Zellner and
all the victims of COVID 19
and for those serving in our armed forces:
Royce Baker
David Berger
Ryan Berger
Allen Crocker
Randy Crocker
Court Garretson
Cameron Heidenreich
Dan Heidenreich
Charles Jones
Daniel Kirk
Mark Lawton
Scott Longar
Luis Loya
Gavin Wade McClung
Christopher Strickler
We also pray for those who have died.
Upcoming Birthdays
28th – Waldy Sulik
29th – Evie Overton
July 1st - Tish King
July 9th – Miriam Sisson
July 28th – Susan Crowley
30th - Mary Sulik
Aug. 1st - Junius Berger
Aug. 2nd - Courtney Sisson
Aug. 3rd - Kathleen Sulik
The Episcopal Church Welcomes You!

This Sunday at 10 a.m. we are having a service of Morning Prayer at St. John's. We have returned to the sanctuary. Masks are not required, but if you are unvaccinated, please consider wearing one to protect those who cannot be vaccinated, especially if you want to sing. Our website is farnhamwithstjohns.org
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Background -Photo by Ray Hennessy on Unsplash A fireworks display in the harbor of Lubec Maine from July, 2017.