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Torrence's Weekly Message
"Force Field"
Every May 4th for the past several years I have received from someone(s) the reminder “May the 4th be with you!” Maybe it will take you a minute (or more) to connect with the significance of this reminder. But for any movie buff out there who got caught up in the blockbuster movie “Star Wars” in the 70’s it might bring a smile to your face.

Star Wars movies became a huge family tradition in my family. My children, growing up in the 70’s saw each of the original three sequels multiple times. Their children, my grandchildren, growing up in the 90’s and beyond were just as captured by the even greater action-packed Star Wars “prequels” that dominated the movie scene about twenty years later. The gift of “Star Wars” for now three generations of my family is that it has stimulated conversations that generations need to share as we all grow together and try to live in what may not be a galactic universe but challenging times on simply one planet in a vast sea that seems to have no boundaries.

Star Wars has been considered the most profound contemporary “myth” of our times. It has not only mythical dimensions but profoundly theological ones too. Heroes and heroines struggling against forces of evil, seek the Light. Will the force of good, the light, be overcome by the dark forces that want to extinguish the light? “May the force be with you!” is the classic benediction that is given to the ones that go forth to meet the enemies of the light.

I found myself comforted this week by the reminder, after a long year in which we have combatted an unseen enemy that took us all on in the pandemic, of a force, an energy that wants us to continue to live, to survive and even thrive, despite the enemy. We fought the darkness with masks and a race for, not yet a cure, but an antidote that would protect us. We fought it with social distancing, sheltering in place, and of all things, simply masks. These were acts of love for the good of each other. Love, the force field that brought us through. And will take us beyond the darkness and ever towards the light.

May the Force be always with us . . . . .

Last weekend at Farnham & St. John's
Diane Saison photo


Arline's self-decorated hat won 1st prize at the Kentucky Derby party she attended!
Anne Neuman Photo

Brother Mark officiates at Sunday's service in the newly planted garden at StJ's.
Since we have returned to in-person services, there will be no further Saturday Service Announcements e-mailed to parishioners, as those were mainly to provide links and bulletins to Zoom services.
Please continue to send pictures of outdoor services for this E-pistle to parishchurchnews@gmail.com, as well as updates to the prayer list for those in need of comfort and those serving in the military or diplomatic corps.
As summer approaches we will move to our summer schedule for the Epistle - twice a month.  
The next Epistle will be on May 19th and thereafter on June 2, June 16, July 7, July 21, August 4, August 18 and September 1. Weekly Epistles will resume in September.  

Preservation Northern Neck & Middle Penninsula is giving St. John's a grant to restore her shutters.
Congratulations are in Order!
Congratulations to grandparents Carter and Priscilla Wellford on the birth of grandson Robert Carter Wellford, born on Earth Day - April 22nd, 22 inches long and weighing 7 lbs 4 oz . He is the son
Anne Neuman Photograph

of Meg and  Carter Wellford and little brother of Leighton and Caroline.
Who present will ever forget older sister, Leighton, diving into the font at St. John's (above) after her baptism there on May 27, 2018?
We also congratulate Cindy Stubbe and Larry Mescan, who were married at their home on Indian Banks Road in Farnham on Sunday, April 25, 2021. Torrence performed the ceremony.
Outdoor Services
  • Bring your own outdoor chair
  • Wear a mask and respect social distancing
  • Parking at St. John's is available on a limited basis in the church parking lot; alternative parking is permitted in the NNEC parking lot behind the church.
  • Parking at N. Farnham is easily accessible.

The outdoor service is dependent on favorable weather. If cancelled, the service will be converted to Zoom and the priest will send a notice to parishioners by 8:30 a.m. on Sunday with the Zoom link.
Sunday, May 9th  
the 6th Sunday of Easter

10 a.m. Service of Morning Prayer

N. Farnham

Sunday, May 16th  
the 7th Sunday of Easter

10 a.m. Service of Holy Communion

St. John's
Sunday, May 23rd 

10 a.m. Service of Holy Communion

N. Farnham

Sunday, May 30th  
Trinity Sunday

10 a.m. Service of Morning Prayer

St. John's
The Parish Prayer List
for those in need of God's comfort and healing:
Courtenay Altaffer
Martha Berger
Randall Bone
Sue Bowie
Constance Edwards
Bob File
David Gallagher
Regina Griggs
Barbara Grander
Dorothy Grove
Sandy Wade Hagan
The Rev. Howard Hanchey
Kelsey Heidenreich
Billy Hooper
Rebecca Hubert
Mary Douglas Lawton
The Rt. Rev. Peter Lee
Susan Lewis
Frank Lynch
Susannah Marais
Tommy Neuman
Judi Newman
James Rynd
Marsha Rynd
Chris Smith
Debbie Belfield Stacks
Scott Strickler
Waldy Sulik
Billy Tennyson
Roclyn Tennyson
John Welch, II
Matthew Yates
Rose Mary Zellner and
all the victims of COVID 19
and for those serving in our armed forces:
Royce Baker
David Berger
Ryan Berger
Allen Crocker
Randy Crocker
Court Garretson
Cameron Heidenreich
Dan Heidenreich
Charles Jones
Daniel Kirk
Mark Lawton
Scott Longar
Luis Loya
Gavin Wade McClung
Christopher Strickler
We also pray for those who have died.
Upcoming Birthdays & Anniversaries
May 4th -Ben Cox
May 5th - Carlton Barber
14th – Carter Wellford, IV
15th – Susan & Jim Crowley
16th – Candy & Bill Carden
19th – Sandy Garretson
The Episcopal Church Welcomes You!

Our outdoor service this Sunday is at 10 a.m. and is a service of Morning Prayer at North Farnham Church. In the event of bad weather, it will be converted to a Zoom service with an e-mail notice and link sent to parishioners at about 8:30 a.m.
North Farnham Church
St. John's Church

Background photo of the Aurora Borealis from Unsplash by Chris Arock. No permissions necessary.