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The Wearing of the Green
It’s not easy being green,” laments Kermit the frog on Sesame Street. “That’s absurd!” sings all of nature as she clothes herself abundantly with it as spring unfolds. How appropriate that St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated today (March 17th) just a few days shy of the official opening of Spring with the Spring Equinox falling on March 20th this year. It is definitely time to celebrate “the wearing of the green” and get in step with the natural world around us.
Green: pick your favorite shade. I understand that there are, officially or unofficially at least 295 shades of green, though I did see one reference announcing “a billion shades of green” if one took the time to count them all. Green is everywhere. Green is the color of revitalization and rebirth, a special theme in the Spring and for our Easter celebrations to come in two weeks. 
Green is the most common color in our natural world and second only to blue as folks most common favorite color. Green is a primary color, that along with red and blue can be used to create all other colors. It is said that the human eye sees more shades of green than any other color. For those of you who may be familiar with yoga and spiritual energy work, green is the color associated with the heart chakra, one of the traditional seven energy centers in our bodies. This energy center, associated with the color green is located in our cardiac plexus, involving the heart, lungs and the center of our circulatory system. The heart center was perceived by ancient people to be a place of integration of heart and mind. This center is considered as bridging the gap between the physical and spiritual. Opening our heart center allows us to love more, empathize and have compassion, to live as fully, lovingly human.
The psalmist pleads, “Create in me an open heart, O Lord, and renew a right spirit within me.” We seem to hold this as a theme each Lent as we prepare for the rebirthing that Easter morning symbolizes, as spring bursts through greening and coloring the world around us. Spring and Easter offer us a wake-up call to open our hearts, minds, and the eyes of our soul to the message of revitalization, rebirth, renewal that is re-energizing our world. How often we think of Lent as asking us to “clean up” and yet I love what Richard Rohr said in a recent Lenten morning meditation: “Lent is not so much about cleaning up as it is about waking up!”
So, let’s wake up to Spring and the message that our Creator is surrounding us with in all Creation. Let’s “Go Green!” Maybe pick a sprig of something green today and pin it close to your heart and join in Creation’s celebration of new life. Let’s clothe our hearts with hope and love, let the energy of God’s Springtime naturally rise within us, flow through us and spill over into the world around us. God is calling us to join with the rest of life to color his world! By God’s amazing Grace, Spring is happening, and we are part of its greening and unfolding.
                                                                        May it be so . . . .
Frog Picture by Suzanne D. Williams on Unsplash. No permissions required.
Hydrangea photos are staff photos to remind you that we're having Hydrangeas at Easter & it's two weeks from Sunday!!!!
Every Person is Related to God - a meditation by Bishop Porter Taylor

Let me start with a quote from Rowan Williams’ book Being Disciples: Essentials of the Christian Life:

 “Being disciples means being called to see others, and especially others in profound need, from the perspective of an eternal and unflinching, unalterable love…. For the Christian disciple, human dignity…depends upon the recognition that every person is related to God before they are related to anything or anyone else.”
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Celebrate the Spring Equinox Saturday
at the N. Farnham/St. John’s Spring Equinox Bonfire March 20th 6-8 p.m. We will gather on the North Farnham church grounds to spend some time together around our bonfires. Bring a folding chair. Bring a friend. Wear your mask & keep socially-distanced.

Free Use ClipArt Spring Equinox image downloaded from Berserk On.

Today is the last day to order Easter Flower Memorials !!
If you would like to donate a hydrangea plant for Easter at $17, please call or email

Becky Marks (Farnham) beckymarks@aol.com (804) 925-5599

or Mercer O'hara (StJ) mercerohara@gmail.com (804) 761-9542

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Sunday, March 21st  

Lent V 

10 a.m. Service of Morning Prayer
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Sunday, March 28th  
Palm Sunday 

Procession of the palms

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11 a.m. - St. John's
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Friday, April 2nd  

Good Friday

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Sunday, April 4th  

Easter Sunday

Flowering of the Cross

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11 a.m. N. Farnham
Combined in-person Outdoor Service of Holy Communion

5 p.m. - Zoom Service
The Parish Prayer List
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Courtenay Altaffer
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Chris Smith
Debbie Belfield Stacks
Scott Strickler
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Billy Tennyson
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John Welch, II
Matthew Yates
Rose Mary Zellner and
all the victims of COVID 19
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Royce Baker
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Cameron Heidenreich
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Daniel Kirk
Mark Lawton
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and Travis Pullen
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Mar. 13th - Ed Marks
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April 5th – Barbara Grander
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April 21st – Arline Hinkson
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