Sunday is Queen Anne Sunday
Come join us at Farnham at 10:00 using the silver given by Queen Anne and the verbiage from the the Holy Communion service from the 1662 Book of Common Prayer.
Torrence's Message
Welcome at the Threshold
Our parish houses may be busy from time to time not just on Sundays, but during the week. They may house staff and clergy offices but also be the location of meetings and events: for church committees, AA groups, and other community gatherings. Our parish houses may have the usual door mats make of hemp, rubber or some composite material. These door mats, if any, may or may not say "Welcome!" Their primary function appears to offer us the opportunity to rid our feet of any dirt, grass or other "outside" debris before we enter the building.
All doormat pictures are courtesy of Pinterest.
(Winston chose this one .)
Our sanctuaries seem somehow different. I don't remember seeing the typical "doormats" at doorways into church sanctuaries. Is it because these holy, consecrated spaces welcome us in spite of any "outside" dirt or debris that may cling to us when we pass through their doors? The welcome is an unspoken but intuitively recognized invitation to cross a sacred threshold and enter a space set apart and waiting patiently to simply embrace and bless those who enter.
Someone recently shared the following prayer/blessing/poem with a group I was in. I immediately thought of it as a way to describe metaphorically and poetically how a church sanctuary waits for us with a holy heart open doorway beckoning us to enter and be welcomed.- whether we are ones who have crossed its threshold many times, only now and then, or never before. As I ponder some of the sanctuary times since I have been part of your life as parishes, I believe that as we all experience the blessing in these holy places we become the face of "welcome" at the threshold of these sanctuaries. We not only cross the threshold and walk into the blessings waiting for us, but over time we become "doorways" to blessing for those who enter as visitors for special events and sacramental liturgies in celebration of life's great passages (marriage, baptism, death). We become the welcome in these holy spaces because we have been welcomed, nourished and blessed here. 
By God's amazing grace, may it be so.    

"Blessing the Threshold"
by Jan Richardson

This blessing
has been waiting for you
for a long time.

While you have been
making your way here
this blessing has been
gathering itself
making ready
biding its time

This blessing has been
polishing the door
oiling the hinges
sweeping the steps
lighting candles
in the windows.

This blessing has been
setting the table
as it hums a tune
from an old song
it knows,
something about
a spiraling road
and bread
and grace.

All this time
it has kept an eye
on the horizon,
keeping vigil,
hardly aware of how
it was leaning itself
in your direction.
And now that
you are here
this blessing
can hardly believe
its good fortune
that you have finally arrived,
that it can drop everything
at last
to fling its arms wide
to you, crying
Saturday is St. Stephen's, Heathsville's
Our UTO* Spring
In-gathering is June 24th, a week from Sunday .
* United Thank Offering

This will be a joint service at St. Johns at 10:00 am. Be sure to bring your Blue Box or UTO envelope that Sunday. ** PLEASE NOTE: Write either “Farnham” or “St. Johns” on your box or envelope so that we know which church it is for.

Always and everywhere – give thanks! Use your Blue Box daily and remember the United Thank Offering!
Picture from the Episcopal Church Women-Diocese of Washington
Free Kayak Lessons & Family Paddles at Menokin!

The Menokin Foundation would like to share new information about water and paddling access at their site. Last Fall, they were awarded a grant from the Gwathmey Foundation to purchase a fleet of kayaks for educational purposes. Part of the new program includes FREE kayak lessons on Tuesday & Thursday mornings from 10 am to 12 pm. They have two trained and certified instructors. Space is limited, so you must register in advance. Call (804) 333-1776 or E-mail They're also offering free Family Kayak Paddles on the last Saturday of the month. You can launch your own paddle boat any time or rent a kayak Tuesday through Saturday from 10 am to 6 pm.
For more information - click here
Preservation of the Northern Neck and Middle Penninsula
Summer Speaker Series
Please note the myriad interesting speakers and topics being held by the Preservation of the Northern Neck and Middle Penninsula Summer Speaker Series in Wellford Hall at St. John's this summer. Next is Julia King's "Unearthing Rappahannock Indian History" being held tomorrow evening at 6:00 p.m. Future topics are listed on the "In the Parish Hall" section, below.
In the Church

Sunday June 17th

Summer Service Schedule

"Queen Anne Sunday"

10:00 a.m.

Holy Eucharist
at Farnham

Sunday June 24th

Summer Service Schedule

10:00 a.m.
Morning Prayer
at St. John's

Sunday July 1st

Summer Service Schedule

10:00 a.m.
Holy Eucharist
at St. John's

Sunday July 8th

Summer Service Schedule

10:00 a.m.
Morning Prayer
at Farnham

In the Parish Hall
Come Worship With Us

Sunday Service this week
10:00 a.m. St. John's Church, Warsaw

Summer Schedule
10:00 service alternating between St. John's & Farnham  ‌