“I awaken, meditate and pray as the sun begins to rise and the sounds of morning prayers echo through the city from the nearby mosque. The Mahaweli River appears as molten lava swiftly moving over the earth from forty-eight hours of almost continual rain. My usual meditation mantra of ‘The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want’ transforms by the end of the meditation into a deep knowing that I truly dwell in the house of the Lord and always have, before this birth, during this life and after. Just as the rivers connect all the far places of the earth so God’s love connects us all as one family. So poignant now as I live/travel/hold presence within this spiritual melting pot of Sri Lanka. I am literally on the other side of the earth from my physical home. But I am home none the less, because no matter where I am on this beautiful planet ‘my cup runneth over’ with the realization that we all live within this great river of LOVE.”