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This week on the HR Power Hour, the question of if Work-Life Balance being attainable is asked and according to the author of the new book The Work-Life Balance Myth: Rethinking Your Optimal Balance for Success, there is no such thing. There are two important facts:

1) stress happens―you can’t avoid it, and

2) your existence is composed of far more than “work” and “life.”

The critical concept of seven slices in your life and how to have harmony with them is exactly what CMA’s host David Ciullo discusses with author Dave McNeff.
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David J. McNeffis a thought leader, executive coach, high-profile jury trial consultant, profiling expert, workshop facilitator, author, and keynote speaker. A former collegiate athlete fascinated with peak performance, Dave foundedPeak Consulting Group in 1995 to develop executive talent and bolster the performance of executive team dynamics for companies all over the world.

Previously, Dave spent fifteen years in the financial services industry selling and building sales organizations for two major financial institutions on the East Coast. Dave was recognized for his outstanding sales achievements with several national awards unique to the financial services industry. He also built two successful sales companies that experienced rapid growth and achieved similar national recognition, as well. In this capacity, Dave spent years working with the venture capital community participating in the growth of many emerging companies in the technology and internet industries.

Peak Consulting Group focuses on behavioral Management Consulting, Sales Training, CEO Mentoring, and Management Team Building for mid to large corporations. Dave has an unusually close relationship with his clients where the engagement typically lasts over a number of years and includes work as a CEO coach and trusted adviser, as well as executive leadership team talent development. In each case, the relationship includes senior-level executives and almost always an on-going relationship with the CEO and/or BOD. Over the past several years, a significant amount of new business is coming out of the Private Equity firms where assessment and merger integration consulting is at a premium value.

In addition to the advisory/coaching work, Dave also specializes in two other areas: Corporate Conflict Resolution and Litigation Consulting. Conflict Resolution work usually involves work in the M & A sector and Litigation Consulting is primarily focused on Jury Selection and Legal Team Managementconsulting, almost exclusively in the pharmaceutical sector. Davis also a sought-after speaker for company and organization events. His style is engaging and very funny which has led to many repeat events including hosting company annual meetings. Dave holds a BA from Providence College and an MEd from Boston University. Dave still enjoys a regional USTA tennis ranking and remains very active in paddle tennis and is respectable on the golf course, as well. Dave has threechildren who are all now safely launched and reside in LA, Chicago and Boston.
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David Ciullo

David Ciullo is the CEO of Career Management Associates (CMA), www.cmacareer.com, a New England HR services organization. He is also a HR thought leader, speaker and emcee as well as the talk show host and owner of the HR Power Hour national radio show ( www.hrpowerhour.com )

David currently serves as a Member of the Maine State Civil Service Appeals Board. He also is on the Board and Past President of both HRASM (Human Resource Association of Southern Maine) and the IFOB (Maine Institute for Family-Owned Business). In addition, he serves as Vice President on the Board of NNEAPS (Northern New England Association of Personnel Services
Tawny Alvarez

Tawny prides herself on helping clients comply with the law while simultaneously creating an amazing place to work.

She centers her practice on the understanding that the employment landscape is ever-changing and organizations do not have the time or resources to keep abreast of all these changes-from medical (and recreational) marijuana's effect on drug testing to the effect of social networking in the workplace, including the effect of the use of mobile devices on wage and hour issues. 

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