This week is Shabbos Parshas Va'era, Shabbos Mevorchim Shvat!
The Jr. Rabbi is Habochur Hatomim Hamispallel SRULY LASKAR sheyichye!
A Big YASHER KOACH to the Laskar Family for all their support for KYY and special Mini Minyan additions!
Join us on Shabbos for a special Shabbos Mevorchim Tehillim and Raffle!
The Chazan is Habochur HaBainany YOSSI MEDVEDEV!
A Mitzvah For Chaya Program!
A trip to the holy land is NOT
Complete without a visit to one of our Diamond Davener’s 
Hamispalleles Chaya Spalter obm.
Sorely missed by all.
Keeping the tradition of sending regards from all her friends....
And Asking Chaya to pray for us all.....
And of course leaving our annual 
KYY- t shirt , with this year 
being # 17 .
Mitzvah for Chaya:
This past week we worked on Tznius in DRESS: making sure on Sunday we were dressed tzniusly! Be sure to tell the cabinet members if you fulfilled this special mitzvah!
This week's mitzvah: Try to talk RESPECTFULLY (with Tznius) to your peers even if something doesn't go your way!
2 Shabbosim down!

Want to join RMD on the special SURPRISE trip that's coming up?

Join us in shul on Shabbos to prove why you should be included!!
ONLY 2 Shabbosim left for our 2nd incentive program of KYY #17!

Be sure to join us this Shabbos to be sure you'll be included!
1 HM
3/5 DE Coins!
4/5 Attendance......
A visit to the longest participating  KYY - The Rebbe's Diamond Daveners Unzere Kinder member when in Israel is a MUST.

Went to inspire her .....left inspired by her....
That’s our most popular Mispalleles Libby!!
Wishing you a great Shabbos,
RMD,  Founder and Director
Sroly Tenenbaum, Shmulik Cohen, Dovber Raeburn,  elected officials
Yitzi Gorelick,  Member of the senate
Lieba Farkash and Mushka Greenbaum,  cabinet members
Rabbi DB and Srula Chaiton,  Youth Directors
Chief Rabbi T,  Bainany
Chaya Riva Mayberg and Rena Pinson,  Bainaniya
Mrs. Doonie Mishulovin,  Gesher 
Bassie Cunin, Devorah Leah Bart and Rivky Laskar,  Mini Minyan