Music Notes

Apr. 10th, 2019
From the Podium
Each year I use the opportunity of the rummage sale to unpack some "rummage" that has been swirling around in my mind. You know, little objects that might not be enough for a full-fledged newsletter article, but are little curios of ideas that have inspired me, made me think, or given me pause. Here are some of my rummage pieces:

  • There are always interesting people in the rummage sale. Some are professional value hunters, some are resale experts, and then there are some who see opportunities that no one else sees. There was a couple who cleaned us out of children's books during the $5 bag sale. They foster several children, they take books gleaned from rummage sales and take their foster children to McKay's Used Books and let them trade the rummage sale books for other books that will spark their interest and help them love learning.
  • I've had the opportunity to rehearse with the Tennessee Wind Ensemble in preparation for a concert tonight. As I listen to this terrific band rehearse, it strikes me that the group is made up of so many people of different beliefs, political opinions, backgrounds, and perhaps sexuality. But somehow none of those things matter in light of making something beautiful together. There is nothing more representative of the Kingdom of God than people putting aside the things that divide us in order to express art, music, and creativity.
  • I had some moments during the rummage sale in which I threw a Frisbee with a child while his grandmother shopped. I didn't know him, he didn't know me. We were just a couple of people playing. But the more we tossed the Frisbee, the more he opened up and talked. Those of us who are older will often miss a rich blessing because we are "too old" or too busy to just play. If we are ever to bridge generational gaps and truly connect with young people, we have to be willing to let down our guards, give them the time to trust us, and be willing to recover the joy of play.
  • We live in a beautiful part of the country. Warm weather is here, God is showing off with all kinds of natural blooming beauty, and it's baseball season. Sometimes discipleship is not all about the work we can do. Sometimes it's about taking a second or two to appreciate what is all around us and being grateful that we are able to just experience it.

Chancel and Worship Choirs

Chancel Choir - This Wednesday night we will start our rehearsal as soon as we can after the Children's Choirs' musical. The musical is "What's Up, Zac?" and is not to be missed. You'll be amazed at the talent and spirit of Concord's children, and the incredible leadership of their directors. It begins at 6:30 in the Worship Center. Come early if you want a seat. We'll begin our rehearsal in the choir room as soon as we can afterwards.

Chancel Choir - Mark your calendars for Tuesday night, April 16th. Because we are having the Seder Meal on Wednesday, April 17th, I am moving Chancel Choir rehearsal to Tuesday night, the 16th. I'm sorry to ask you for another night, but that will be the best time for us to have one final rehearsal on the Requiem. We will meet at 6:30.

Chancel Choir - I'll go ahead and warn you to wear comfortable shoes this Sunday. Yes, we are processing on Palm Sunday along with Concord's children.

Youth Choir

  • Thanks to everyone who came to work in the Rummage Sale. It was a tremendous success, and you helped make it so. Congratulations to those who accepted and succeeded in the Annual Mike Stallings Upsale Challenge. Prizes will be awarded later in the year.
  • We are rehearsing this Sunday afternoon at our regular time. This is an important one because it will be the only one for a while. We'll try to go through every single choir tour song in order.

Other Musical Ensembles

Wesley Bells- We are rehearsing this Thursday night at our regular time.

Concord Men's Ensemble - We are back in action this Sunday afternoon at our regular time and place.

Concord Bells - A very special thanks to all of you and especially to Hannah for playing in worship while I was away yesterday. We will begin focusing mostly on our concert music, but will try and play in worship once more before the summer.

Concord Orchestra - We will be ready to get started next Monday night, April 15th at 6:00. We will be meeting in the Fellowship Hall. Be sure and help me spread the word and by all means bring your friends!
  Looking Ahead

Wednesday, April 10th

7:00 - Chancel Choir rehearsal

Thursday, April 11th

6:00 - Wesley Bells rehearsal

Sunday, April 14th

8:45 - Worship Choir - TBD

11:00 - Chancel Choir - "Alas, and Did My Savior Bleed?"

4:00 - Youth Choir rehearsal

6:00 - Concord Men's Ensemble

7:00 - Concord Bells

Tuesday, April 16th

6:30 - Chancel Choir rehearsal

Friday, April 19th

5:00 - Requiem rehearsal with the orchestra

6:00 - Break and snacks

7:00 - Presentation of Requiem

Prayer Concerns and Celebrations

  • Nedra Cook
  • Buddy Bland's co-worker who suffered a terrible family tragedy.

  • Radia Saah's birthday is Thursday, April 11th.
  • Buddy and Tami Bland's anniversary is on Thursday, April 11th.
  • Lisa Hastings' birthday is Sunday, April 14th.
  • Jim De Tar's birthday is also on Sunday, April 14th.
  • Samuel Hastings birthday is also on Sunday, April 14th.

Mike Stallings
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