Virtual Programming Update for the week of July 6th
  • OCEAN Yoga Poses for Kids
  • Peace Out Bedtime Stories for Kids
  • Thank you, Miles VR!
  • What's happening: Virtual Programming for the week of July 6th
  • Week in Review: Links to Daily Circle Time plus Songs, Books and Visits with EECC Staff
  • Today's Parent: Ontario's Back-To-School Plan Ignores a Glaringly Obvious Problem
  • Resources and Links for Addressing Racial Injustice
  • Recipe: Homemade Finger Paint
  • Easy Summer Activity Calendar:
Adult black silhouette figure sitting in lotus with hands clasped over head behind child in white silhoutte in lotus with hands clasped over head on square with gradients of pastels and words Peace Out Relaxation for Kids
Short stories that help children calm down and relax by guiding them through visualization and breathing exercises. Perfect for parents or teachers who want to teach mindfulness and self-regulation.
Small boy wearing red shorts black Raptors shirt and bicycle helmet sits to the right of white woman with long dark hear wearing a read shirt and rainbow mask with a jar and a red bag on the retaining wall between them
Thank you, Miles!!!
Miles VR celebrated his 4th birthday last month by collecting donations for EECC! He visited Kimbourne on Canada Day with his family and brought his Giving Jar. He is pictured with our manager, Cathy Wright.
What's Happening: week of July 6th
  • Monday through Saturday, 10 am: Daily Circle Time live with EECC staff and families. Sign up to join us live or watch later with your little ones and sing along!
  • Monday: Anna shows us how to make a paper fish using origami! Rashida show us her vegetable garden!
  • Tuesday: Anna, Rashida and Lisa: Fun with fish and counting!
  • Wednesday: Anna, Lisa and Rashida: making an indoor rainbow with materials you can find around the house.
  • Thursday: Loose parts with Anna, Lisa and Rashida: things that roll, make noise and do other fun things.
  • Friday: Hopscotch and balancing games with Anna and Rashida
This is a tentative plan, subject to favourable tech conditions. All videos will be uploaded to our Facebook page each day.
Week in Review: Songs, Stories and Visits with EECC Staff!
Anna shows us her growing mung bean plant
Anna, LIsa and Rashida talk about our globe and animals living around the world
Anna shows us a book made of mylar and reads it during Baby Time
Lisa reads Pride Colours
Lisa teaches the alphabet in sign language

Young white woman smiles in an outdoor setting with trees in the background and some rocks painted as frogs in the foreground on a log
Bailie talks about rock painting and sings Four Green and Speckled Frogs.

Abigail celebrates Pride by reading the book Rainbow!
Daily Circle Time with Anna, Rashida and Lisa!
We would love to see you and your children in our live Daily Circle Time, Monday through Saturday at 10 am! Register here to request a Zoom link. Please be aware that our Daily Circle Time is recorded for the purposes of sharing with families unable to access it live.Once you've registered, watch your email after 9 am each day for reminders and Zoom links.
Here are links to last week's circles:

Monday with Anna and Rashida
Tuesday with Anna, Lisa and Rashida
Thursday with Anna, Lisa and Rashida
Friday with Anna, Lisa and Rashida
Saturday with Lisa
Wait, what the @#%* do they do on the no-school days?
Links and Resources for Addressing Racial Injustice
Illustration: Chief Lady Bird
Make Finger Paint at Home!
Mix together:
• 1 tablespoon flour
• 1 tablespoon salt
• 1½ tablespoons water
• food colouring

Thank you to TDSB EarlyON Staff Tina Ruggiero for sharing
five rectangular frames containing images of clear mason jars labelled flour and salt and small bowls containing red yellw blue and green paint
Easy Summer Activity Calendar
This Easy Summer Activity Calendar might help planning summer activities for kids a little easier! Bookmark, Pin, or save these awesome ideas for summer kids’ activities and summer family fun. Think of planning your summer in terms of day camp. Theme a week day-by-day and then rotate the schedule as…… more
Caroline Fernandez is the author of thee best selling kids' books: Boredom Busters (Silver Birch Honor Book Award - Forest of Reading) and More Boredom Busters , and Stop Reading
This Book! Caroline Fernandez has worn many hats at the EECC, from frequent visitor with her children (back-in-the-day) to past board to current donor. If you've attended our annual charity events, you've seen many great silent and live auction items from (over $15,000 worth of items in the past 6 years!) Caroline is Parentclub's creator and her blog has lots of great ideas to make life easier for busy families.