April 28, 2021
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Lesson 19 Solomon's Temple
1.King Solomon
After generations of living a nomadic life, following Moses across the desert to the Promised Land, being advised by not such great role models (Judges,) being at war with many other groups, having a king in David, the Israelites finally have some stability in their lives. At last they have a place to call home. Now they turn their attention to something David always wanted to do. To build a more permanent temple in which to praise God. So along comes Solomon, one of David's sons. Solomon figures it is time to finally get that temple built and put the Ark of the Covenant inside. The Israelites believed that God was in the Ark and that God needed a grand temple now that they were living in one place. Naturally things do not go as planned because...guess what? Solomon is yet another "superhero" who falls short of following God's word and living according to the covenant God made with God's people. Watch the 2 videos about Solomon to learn his part in this story.
2a- Solomon's Temple
2b. Connect Video
4- Family Discussion
Do we need a building to keep God in? Do we have to be at church to visit or talk with God? Many people would answer yes to these questions. What do you think? If God is not only found in church, how can we make sure we continue to develop our relationship with God? Why do we need to go to church if God is not just there? How else does church/worship help us in our relationship with God? Discuss these questions with your family.
5 - Time Line Update:
Color your timeline up to "King Solomon." Here is a copy in case you've misplaced yours.
´╗┐It's WORDSEARCH time!
Here's a model of what Solomon's temple may have looked like. Print it out and color it.
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