Human Ties
Connecting across physical distance

This week we are thinking about the insights the humanities can provide during our current public health crisis. Check out the new digital collection on our website to explore epidemics in historical and literary contexts HERE .
Epidemics & the Humanities

Join us this Friday at 5pm when Dr. Donald E. Pease , Professor of English at Dartmouth College, will discuss the contemporary implications of American yellow fever literature that racialized the disease in his talk: “Matthew Carey, John Edgar Wideman and The Racist Foundations of American Yellow Fever Literature.” Register HERE .
Read Edgar Allan Poe’s short story “The Masque of the Red Death” in which Poe describes a lavish party held by the wealthy Prince Prospero while the less fortunate are dying from a contagious disease. The party attracts a surprise guest—Death itself. Read online below, or -- better yet -- listen to Public Programs Manager Tricia Peone read the short story HERE !
Watch UNH History Professors Molly Dorsey, Jessica Lepler, Liz Mellyn, and Julia Rodriguez discuss the Black Death, the 1918 flu pandemic, and COVID-19 as part of UNH’s ongoing interdisciplinary COVID-19 webinar series in Session 10: Pandemics through History.
NHPR’s first virtual event The Exchange: Live From Home takes place next Tuesday, July 21. This program will focus on public health. What is the new normal, and why do people disagree on what normal looks like? As we move beyond quarantines and stay-at-home orders, a new way of living with COVID-19 is emerging. 
Partner Spotlight: NH Listens

New Hampshire Humanities is pleased to announce a Community Project Grant awarded to New Hampshire Listens and Urban Rural Action to implement a new 12-month program, Deepening Connection and Understanding Across New Hampshire's Urban/Rural Divide .” Many of us have experienced tensions in our families, neighbors, and work colleagues as we navigate social crises in hyper-partisan times. This non-partisan initiative will use the humanities to build connections, strengthen collaboration skills, and promote understanding across distance and difference in New Hampshire. 

“One of our core values at NH Listens is collaboration,” said Michele Holt-Shannon, executive director and co-founder of NH Listens. “We know collaboration can be hard, and we believe solving complex problems requires it. A mix of perspectives helps us recognize and temper our own biases – and we all have them. There is so much frustration right now; we are hoping this can be a chance to build trust and increase understanding beyond the sound bites.” READ MORE
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