August 10, 2016
Weekly Chatter
Physical, Developmental Benefits of Siblings
According to a recent study, a younger sibling could be good for the older child's health. Researchers found that children without siblings were three times more likely to be obese in the first grade. One theory is that children may be more active and spend less time in front of screens once a younger brother or sister is born

Siblings can also encourage negotiation and compromising skills in childhood. Children learn the true meaning of sharing is caring and they learn to recognize that others have feelings.

Even with these benefits, introducing a new sibling into the picture can be hard on older kids, especially if they're used to getting a lot of attention and not having to share. The following ACPeds resources offer helpful information on siblings and sibling rivalry.
"Say No to Euthanasia," Belgium's Advice to the World
In Belgium, euthanasia laws have been in place since 2002. In 2014, the Belgian Senate voted in favor of extending its euthanasia law to terminally-ill children. As Canada and the US have begun seriously contemplating the legalization of assisted suicide, a film crew went to Belgium in January of this year to learn more about the affects of its legalization.

To their surprise, victims and activists offered a stern warning to any country considering enacting laws that allow assisted death. The brief 2 min. video below depicts their stories.

The American College of Pediatricians contends that it is the role of every medical professional to deliver care to ailing patients with compassion, always striving to preserve the patient's life and dignity. For more information on the College's stance on euthanasia, view the following resources
Children learn by watching their parents and they are watching more closely than we realize. One way to be mindful of this is to regularly ask yourself, "In what ways will my decision affect my child?" 

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