June 29th, 2016
Weekly Chatter
Your Practice Website: Common Mistakes to Avoid
Using copyright protected images
Not uncommonly, a website designer will scan the Internet for images s/he can use for your site; then, cut and paste. However, using copyright protected images is not considered fair use and litigation might ensue if you are promoting your website for commercial purposes 

Solution: It's best to use your own images and to make sure that any images you do use from elsewhere are free to license

Owning your own content vs Licensing it from a vendor
If a vendor created your site, added content and maintains the site, you likely make monthly payments in exchange for his work. You may be surprised to find out that you don't actually own the content and that you were merely licensing it from the vendorIf after some time it becomes clear that the vendor isn't actually doing anything and you decide to terminate the relationship

Solution: Make sure the agreement specifies that you own any content and graphics on your site in addition to the domain name and any passwords used to access the site. Also, include in the agreement a clause that requires the vendor to assist with transferring to a new vendor if the relationship is terminated.

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Single Moms at Increased Risk for Heart Disease, Stroke
According to a recent   study, single working mothers are at greater risk of heart disease and stroke.  Compared to married moms,  single moms are often pressed for time and

money and the stress of having to parent alone can have negative implications for both mom and child.

Researchers suggest that stronger policies to support mothers in the workplace like generous maternity leaves, affordable childcare and more flexibility in work schedules would help single working mothers preserve their health. 

Ultimately, effective co-parenting, in which both parents are actively involved in the child's life physically, emotionally and financially, will have the most positive effects for children whose parents are no longer in a committed, married relationship. 

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Games #WeeklyBlogPost
Research shows that board, card, and cooperative games have many benefits for individuals and families. Playing games as a family allows family members to get to know each other better.  Children can also learn negotiation skills, decision-making skills and the ability to share resources.

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