May 25th, 2016
Weekly Chatter
Renewing Your Medical License: Concerns and Tips
At one time, licensing applications asked broadly about health but the questions collided with protections offered by the American with Disabilities Act. So now, the credentialing and licensing questions have become more tailored, longer and more detailed.

For example, one question for North Carolina reads as follows: Since you last renewed have you become aware of any medical condition that impairs or limits, or could possibly impair or limit, your ability to practice medicine safely? Of course, no one wants to be accused of failing to disclose or hiding information in answering credentialing and licensure questions because if found out, the deception will lead to loss of privileges and/or licensure.

But, note the plain language of the question. The Medical Board is only asking whether you have a condition that could impair your ability to practice medicine safely and not asking for your entire medical record.

For extra surety, consider asking your own treating doctor whether s/he believes your newly diagnosed condition, if any, might impair your ability to practice your specialty safely. Then, have your doctor either place it in your medical record, or provide you such a document.

That way, if ever questioned down the road, you will have a record that your conclusion is more than just your opinion because it is shared by the person who knows all about your medical history and knows a thing or two about what it means to practice medicine safely. For more on credentialing/licensing questions, click here.

Utah Declares Pornography a Public Health Crisis
Earlier this year Utah Governor Gary Herbert signed a resolution calling for education, prevention, research and policy changes to address the pornography "epidemic" in America. Numerous studies connect pornography use to lower mental health outcomes and relationship well-being in addition to detrimental expectations about sex.

A large survey of American young people revealed that 51% of males and 32% of females claimed to have viewed pornography for the first time before they were 13 years old. Pornography use by adolescents and young adults often leads to a distorted view of sexuality and its role in fostering healthy personal relationships. Children under twelve years old who have viewed pornography are statistically more likely to sexually assault their peers.

Hopefully other state and federal leaders will follow Governor Herbert in encouraging internet service providers and the pornography industry as a whole to help keep degrading and addictive materials away from children. Please click here for more on Governor Herbert's resolution.

View the ACPeds position statement The Impact of Pornography on Children for more information on the effects of pornography exposure and use and why pediatricians should take notice. Consider sharing to your social media pages and practice website. For helpful information on counseling patients on safe adolescent internet use, visit the ACPeds Conversation on Internet Safety in the Member Hub. You will need your username and password for access.
Myths of Marriage #WeeklyBlogPost
Often times, couples experience dissatisfaction in their marriages because of certain myths they believe about marriage. For instance, "If my spouse loves me, he should instinctively know what I want and need to be happy" is a popular marriage myth.  But no one is a mind reader and the best thing you can do for your spouse is to clearly and respectfully   tell them what you need. 

Another popular marriage myth is that maintaining romantic love is the key to maintaining marital happiness. Although romantic love is important, maintaining a friendship with your spouse is just as important if not more.

For 8 more marriage myths and their explanations, click here  and leave a comment. We love to hear from you!

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