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Christ Removes the Dividing Wall of Hostility
Ephesians 2:11-22

Pastor Paul will share his encounter with a white supremacist group.
Small things matter! The Member Care Deacons need bud vases to deliver a flower to those who are experiencing unspeakable isolation in local nursing homes. If you have any vases to donate, you can deliver them to the church office Monday-Friday, 9a-3p. Thank you!
Recognizing Our
Children's Ministry Teams
Lord, we thank you for the 24 Children's Ministry Teachers and 39 Childcare Workers who cared for and discipled our youngest members. We look forward to talking, hanging out, and mentoring our kids again. Thank you Lord!
On Wednesday, Pastors and Elders across our denomination were invited to view a webinar hosted by the EPC General Assembly Moderator, Case Thorp.

The key takeaway from the webinar came from Rufus Smith, a black EPC pastor with a long history of leading multi-ethnic and intergenerational ministry. He presented our obligation to view race and injustice in biblical terms. Pastor Rufus doesn't find the language of social theory and politics to be helpful for a ministry of reconciliation. Pastor Rufus' thoughts are expressed at the 20 and 26 minute marks.

And truthfully, scripture is more convicting and demanding than the tenents of any political movement we may aspire to. Pastor Rufus' thoughts are expressed at the 20 and 26 minute marks.

The title of the Webinar begs a question for Pastors and Ruling Elders: How do we lead congregations in issues of race and injustice? We lead with, and through, scripture. In scripture, we start with being created in the image of God , we face the consequences of our fall into sin , we hear the cries of the prophets who call us back to true worship , we are overcome by the love and grace of Christ at the cross, and overtaken by humility at the sight of the resurrected Christ. Now is the time to foreshadow the day when every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. (Phil 2:10-11, Rom 14:11)

The whole webinar is worth watching. If you have questions, contact me directly. In the meantime, I called Pastor Gary Koerth in the Idora neighborhood of Youngstown. If you recall, he pastors a new church in a racially diverse neighborhood. COVID changed how he does ministry and he reports that ministry has gone to a deeper level. I also ask you to keep the Honduras Hope ministry in in your prayers as COVID has had devastating effects in Honduras.

With the love of Christ,
Pastor Paul
In addition to Case Thorp, webinar panelists were:

Glenn Meyers is a Pastor of a very small EPC church near Monroeville. The church was going to close its doors. The Elders attended a church vitality seminar. They were challenged to put the congregation's time and resources into serving the community, not themselves. Today, they are a healthy small church. Glenn will be the General Assembly Moderator this September.
Worship Attendance Survey
Thanks to all who responded to the Worship Attendance Survey. Site and supply preparations are nearly completed. Hospitality Teams are being recruited and will have to be trained. The video broadcast system for livestreaming the worship service over the internet has one more piece to be delivered. That system will be installed and tested. When it is time to open our doors for worship, ample lead time will be given to all members by mail and email. Re-opening will not be a last minute announcement.

The Session's ultimate aim is to see everyone in worship. We know that this goal will not be immediately achieved. Synchronizing in-person and livestreamed worship is both frustrating and aspirational. How is it aspirational? To start everyone at the same starting line for worship content is a way to demonstrate the unity of the church as commanded in scripture. So when you talk to your neighbors about how our church is starting up, tell them why. It will be a witness. You can tell your neighbors that at FPCB the worship of God is not about "me," it is about "we," for "He."
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