June 28 service
June 28 service

D ear friends,
Above is the Sunday service for this week. 
Thank you also to Chris Longson for reading this week and to Alison Longson for leading the prayers.  A special thanks to the choir who sang from home and to Deb for slicing it all together. Lots of work but great to hear their voices.   
The announcements for this week are below.  

At this point the Diocese has decided that we will not be resuming in-person worship. The Provincial restrictions are such that we can't sing, can't have Communion, have to enter and exit from different doors, have to sit 6 feet apart from one another and can't visit before or after the service. Until in-person worship can be more joyful and inclusive we will stay with on-line worship.
The Calgary Alliance for the Common Good presents:  Building Resiliency 
For Health & Well-Being Webinar
Thursday, July 9 at 7p.m. Click here ( https://www.calgarycommongood.org/resiliency_factors_for_health_well_being) for more information and to register.
We are only beginning to understand the significant connections between
our mental and physical health. Join us for a webinar on Resiliency Factors for Health and Well-Being to learn about the "mix of six," resiliency factors that
 contribute to health and well-being. These resiliency factors: love and
support, stress management, sleep, physical activity, diet and healthy environment, can be supported by mind-body practices that reduce stress, including the practice of mindfulness.
Dr. Linda Carlson, Director of Research and a Clinical Psychologist at the Department of Psychosocial Resources at the Tom Baker Cancer Centre and Dr. Bonnie Caplan, Professor Emerita in the Cumming School of Medicine at the University of Calgary, will present on resiliency factors, and the benefits of mindfulness while sharing simple mindfulness techniques that can be incorporated into your life for daily stress reduction.

Calgary Alliance
Following a decision made at the May delegates assembly, on Monday the Calgary Alliance sent this letter calling for the implementation of a Basic Income program to Prime Minister Trudeau, Deputy Prime Minister Freeland and Minister of Finance Minister Morneau. 
They are asking that you also  contact your Member of Parliament directly to show your support as well.  
For a sample letter and/or talking points please go here
For a link to your MP's contact information please go here.
To sign our petition please go here
To learn more about Basic Income visit our website.
An excerpt from our letter:
"A guaranteed Basic Income would overcome deficiencies in our social safety net .... It is a mechanism that lifts people out of poverty and puts money in the marketplace.  It has been shown to reduce health care, criminal justice costs, and increase rates of school completion... no Canadian should have to live in poverty or be thrust into poverty by a public health crisis or economic emergency. We know that the Government of Canada shares that belief. Accordingly, we strongly urge the Government of Canada to implement a guaranteed Basic Income so that all Canadians have the ability to achieve and maintain a good quality of life."

 With every blessing for the month of June.