August 2, 2020
August 2, 2020

D ear friends,
Above is the Sunday service for this week. 
Thank you to Spencer Stevens for reading this week and to Corrine & Jensen MacLean for leading the prayers. As with last week you get a glimpse of a garden in the prayers!  
The announcements for this week are below.  

At this point we will not be resuming in-person worship. The Provincial restrictions are such that we can't sing, can't have Communion, have to enter and exit from different doors, have to sit 6 feet apart from one another and can't visit before or after the service. Until in-person worship can be more joyful and inclusive we will stay with on-line worship.

A scam artist has created an email that looks like Anna's email but is not.
The false email is .  If you get any messages from this email address that are impersonating Anna please block this sender.  They seem to ask for a reply and then go onto ask for gift cards or other things Anna would never ask for.

Prayers for our parishioners
Although Covid 19 has disrupted much in our lives, the Prayer Team's ministry has remained unchanged.  These dedicated individuals have continued to pray daily for people on our parish prayer list, providing them comfort and the assurance of God's grace.  Privacy concerns prevent us from publishing the names of those being prayed for in our weekly emails.  If you would like to participate in this important ministry please contact Kelly at the church office and she will provide you with the current list.  If you are interested in joining the Prayer Team please contact the Reverend Carolyn.

Alison Longson has a new shipment of Palestinian Zatoun fair trade extra virgin  olive oil stored in her basement and is keen to sell it.. She is happy to deliver it to you house. Price is $20 for 750ml and $16 for 500ml. Contact email or phone or 403 243 5478.

Living with Uncertainty-Lessons from the Psalms
Friday, September 18th to Sunday, September 20th at  Kingsfold Retreat Centre
Covid has been a crash course in uncertainty that none of us signed up for. Come away with us for a weekend at Kingsfold Retreat Centre when we will use the Psalms to look at the myriad emotions all of us have been through and are going through on this journey. The weekend will include worship and presentations and will be co-led by the Rev. Anna Greenwood-Lee, The Rev. Christine Conkin and Helen Barry. 
Cost : Single Rooms: $480 per person
Double Rooms: $380 per person
The retreat will start at 3 pm with an early supper on Friday evening and finish shortly after brunch on Sunday. Kingsfold has distancing protocols in place and has limited this retreat to 16 people including the leaders. Register by phone starting Tuesday, July 7. Please phone Kelly at 403-249-6184 between 8 and 11 am. Alternatively you can email her at and ask her to call you.
Visit the Wisdom Centre website  here

With every blessing for your summer