Happy almost summer folks!

This weekend we have our last two concerts of our 2022-'23 season.

One is in Beacon NY, at the Howland Cultural Center and on Sunday we we are excited to perform at a new space for us in NYC: The Ballet Arts Center for Dance

on 130 West 56th Street - 6th floor.

All info below, please join us for these events. And stay tuned for news of our 40th season, which will start on 9/24 at St, Marks Church as part of the Village Trip Festival.

-CC Team

Composers Concordance Presents

'The Jazz Influence with Strings’

Featuring violinist Jason Kao Hwang

with CompCord String Ensemble

Sunday, June 25th, 2023


Ballet Arts Center for Dance

130 West 56th Street - 6th floor

(between 6th & 7th Aves)


$20 in advance

$30 at the door


Live Stream


Bruce Arnold, Charles Coleman, John Clark, Dan Cooper, Jason Kao Hwang, Debra Kaye, Carlos Castro Mora,

Gene Pritsker, Wayne Shorter,

Dave Soldier, Marina Vesic


CompCord String Ensemble:

Funda Cizmecioglu - violin 

Lynn Bechtold - violin 

Arthur Dibble - viola

Mara Navas - cello

Ratzo Harris - double bass

David Cossin - drums 


Jason Kao Hwang - violin

John Clark - horn


Bianca Delli Priscoli 


Rebecca McKean and Alan Winson of Bar Crawl Radio

Laurie Towers / John Pietaro of Beneath the Underground.

 On Sunday, June 25th, 2023 at 8pm, Composers Concordance presents the last event of its 39th season with a program of jazz-inspired compositions for string quintet, drums, and soloists. The concert will feature composer / violinist Jason Kao Hwang ('In a class of its own, with a sound like no other" - All About Jazz, "music that is taut, delicate and highly original" - The New York Times) as well as composer / horn legend John Clark ("possibly the most fluent jazz French horn soloist since the great Julius Watkins in the 1950s" - Scott Yannow, All Music). Both soloists will perform their own compositions alongside music by Bruce Arnold, Charles Coleman, Dan Cooper, Debra Kaye, Carlos Castro Mora, Gene Pritsker, Wayne Shorter, Dave Soldier, and Marina Vesic. Featured premieres include Gene Pritsker's 'Ain't No String Chickens', Dave Soldier's 'Radio Betonia', and an arrangement of Wayne Shorter's 'Water Babies'.

The concert also features an onstage Roundtable with a panel consisting of two couples who host very hip radio programs: Rebecca McKean and Alan Winson of Bar Crawl Radio; and Laurie Towers / John Pietaro of Beneath the Underground. These radio personalities will provide commentary of their immediate reactions to the compositions performed. The audience members (physical and virtual) will also be encouraged to comment on the music as it is being performed, via a live-streamed thread.


Composers Concordance Presents

CompCord Ensemble Meets

Hot Wrk Ensemble

Saturday, June 24th, 2023


Howland Cultural Center

477 Main St, Beacon, NY 12508


$20 in advance

$30 at the door

$10 for students & seniors


Live Stream

Composers: Dan Cooper, Brad Hubbard, Debra Kaye, Otto Luening, Lisa Neher, David L. Post, Gene Pritsker, Anton Rovner, and Faye-Ellen Silverman


CompCord Ensemble: Franz Hackl - trumpet, Gene Pritsker - electric guitar, John Kneiling - cello, and Jai Jeffryes - piano, Debra Kaye - piano.

Hot Wrk Ensemble:

Lois Hicks-Wozniak - saxophones, Brad Hubbard - baritone saxophone, J Brooks Marcus (J Why) - percussion

Featured Poets: Roger Aplon and Robert C. Ford

On Saturday, June 24th at 6pm, Composers Concordance presents its fourth annual concert event at the historic Howland Cultural Center - the first building in the City of Beacon, New York to receive the distinction of being placed on the National Register of Historic Places. This continuing collaboration between NYC and Beacon musicians features Beacon's Hot Wrk Ensemble: Lois Hicks-Wozniak - saxophones, Brad Hubbard - baritone saxophone, and J Brooks Marcus (J Why) - percussion, performing together with members of NYC's CompCord Ensemble: Franz Hackl - trumpet, Gene Pritsker - electric guitar, John Kneiling - cello, Jai Jeffryes - piano and,Debra Kaye - piano. The program features a recitation by Beacon poet Roger Aplon as well as "The Wall Street Poet" Robert C. Ford and music compositions by Dan Cooper, Brad Hubbard, Debra Kaye, Otto Luening, Lisa Neher, David L. Post, Gene Pritsker, Anton Rovner, and Faye-Ellen Silverman.

Recent reviews for Composers Concordance records

The Album 'Better Now' by Sound Liberation (COMCON0078), has been receiving some great reviews. Here are some below.

And if you have not heard the album yet check it out



“Delighting all senses into a much better planet away from all the smoggy confusion, Sound Liberation has made a special single which will ease the mood of millions. “

…”Time Does Not Bring Relief from the USA music-fusion project Sound Liberation is a rather superb display from excellent musicians who seem to only get better like fine wine. Delightfully true to their craft and calming all scared cats into a zone of mellowness, this is a stunning effort made with an expert appeal.”

…”If the day has been tough, this is the kind of release to soak in a hot bath with the volume on full.’

- Llewelyn Screen, A&R Factory


“This remarkable studio work exemplifies Sound Liberation’s genre-bending sound, highlighting the artistry and vision of mastermind Gene Pritsker, the talented composer and guitarist behind the moniker. 

“Sound Liberation is really all about liberating creativity in sound, and this album shows that great things can happen when artists refuse to play by the same old rules!”

- The Band Camp Diaries


“Music fusion at its finest: Sound Liberation’s melodic journey through diverse musical landscapes”

“Breaking barriers and bending genres”

“Through the album, Sound Liberation unites disparate musical elements, mirroring the interconnectedness of our global community. Their positivity is infectious, with the joy they derive from their craft palpable in every note they play. Listeners are treated to a musical exploration of cultures and genres that broadens their auditory horizons while delivering a deeply gratifying listening experience.”

“Better Now, a rich mosaic of sounds”

- Jukebox Time


“As suggested by the name of the band itself, the main purpose of this ensemble of musicians is to break down the barriers between musical genres, in a sort of liberation of the very concept of music. In this ninth release of the band this operation is carried out which tends to show music as a single great genre, for which therefore the labels have absolutely no more sense.”

“There are an infinite number of genres that find fertile ground in this album. From blues to jazz, from R&B to classical music through fusion and rap. The transition from one style to another that the musicians on this record are able to make with extreme ease is truly exciting”

“One of the most impressive episodes is the last track in which the band crosses between Vivaldi's Summer and the dynamic improvisational language of Bebop. The entire album is configured as a gigantic party between musical genres finally united in one huge cauldron in which it is possible to recognize and appreciate every single ingredient.

If you are passionate about music in a global sense you will love this incredible album!”

- artistionline

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