This Sunday
Happy New Year/Decade, beloved community! 2020 is the year to open up to “perfect vision” which is already complete in the mind of God. Our tremendous opportunity is to be quiet, listen, and catch the vision.

I invite you to join me this Sunday for my talk, “The Secret of Supply.” Now, since it is a secret, I can’t tell you much more than the title. However, I can tell you that the purpose of this talk is take you into a deeper realization of what supply actually is. And if we can catch a glimpse of  that , it is life-changing. We cannot solve the problems facing the world at this time with the same level of consciousness that created them. It is time to step up our game and go deeper... together. I am excited to see you on Sunday!

Rev. Colleen Tanaka

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Community News
Greetings! Happy New Year!

What an exciting Sunday coming up this week as we welcome our very own Rev. Colleen Tanaka! This service is sure to be one you don't want to miss!

During the announcements last Sunday, a call was made for volunteers! Renee' Martinez heads up the kitchen crew and she is looking for help for potluck Sundays (like this Sunday) and Wednesday nights. If you are interested in helping out, call or text Renee' at 702-379-9308.

There are a lot of ways for you to stay connected to your Center!

Saturday, January 11th

"Tomorrow & Beyond - A Vision Board Workshop"
There's still time to register for this workshop! Sabrina Fricks and I look forward to a great time together in spiritual practice and expanded creative expression! Register in the bookstore or online at

Sunday, January 12th

"The Secret of Supply"
This is a Sunday Celebration with Rev. Colleen Tanaka and musical guest, David Villella is an opportunity for you to tune into your own greatness and open yourself up to all of the good already present for you!

"Friendship Sunday & Potluck"
Every second Sunday is Potluck Sunday and this week we invite you to bring a friend or two to share in the joy of community! First time guests are always welcome. Be sure to take them to the bookstore!


Empower U - Three classes starting in January!
Beyond Limits on Time/Date TBD with Jamie Jette, RScP
Living the Infinite Way Tuesday evenings with Rev. Colleen Tanaka
Treatment & Meditation Thursday mornings with Kelli Marshall, RScP

Watch the newsletter for a note from Rev. John DePalma, our interim minister. He will be joining us next Sunday, January 19th!

In gratitude,

Kelli Marshall
LC Treasurer

Our Youth and Family Ministry had an exciting and expansive 2019, and we look forward to more blessings, more good, and more growth during 2020. Our theme for 2020 is “2020 Vision.” We’ll talk about HOW we see things, changes in what we see, and that we get to choose the “lenses” through which we choose to look.

January will be an especially exciting month. As part of considering the theme of “Getting Grounded: Back to Basics,” we’ll celebrate Ernest Holmes’ birthday with balloons and gifts and decorated cupcakes. Our teens will be off to Winter Teen Camp over the Martin Luther King holiday, and we look forward to hearing about their adventures and growth when they return.

As the leaders of your Youth and Family Ministry at CSLGLV, we thank you for your love, your support, and your enthusiasm for our children and young people. You make a significant difference in all we do.

Rev. Claire Summerhill
 Here is what's happening at your Center!
This Sunday! "The Secret of Supply" with Rev. Colleen Tanaka, Stacy Vogel RScP and David Villella.
Friendship Sunday and Potluck! Bring a friend and a dish!
The January Book of the Month is on sale now in the bookstore!
Affirmation of the Week by
Christine Paige, RScP
In case you missed it! WATCH NOW!
Our Youth and Teens meet every Sunday at 10:00!
Adventures in Faith discussion group every Tuesday with Lynn!