This Sunday
Principles of Successful Living:
Have you been Knotty or Nice?

Despite our best intentions, it’s easy to get caught up in, as Ernest Holmes says, “the burden of apparent necessity” and all the things that are (k)not happening. Join us this Sunday as we explore how to shift our intention and actions to remember there is nothing in us that intrinsically denies what we desire.

Meet Our Interim Minister:
Q&A Session F ollowing Service In the Great Room

The purpose of Interim Ministry is to support communities in consciously moving through periods of transition, knowing that a healthy transition creates the foundation for the long-term viability and vitality of the community. Join Rev. John and have your questions answered regarding his role in assisting us moving forward.

If you'd like pastoral support or counseling,
please call the Center office at 702-739-8200 or
email your Ministry of Prayer at !
Community News
Hello, CSLGLV!

We had a great Friendship Potluck Sunday last weekend! It's so wonderful to see our community come together and welcome new friends.

This Friday we send our teens to Southern California for CSL Teen Winter Camp with our fearless teen leader, Tina Faye. Centers for Spiritual Living holds this camp experience in different areas of the country so that as many teens as possible have the opportunity to attend. As adults, we understand and know the power of our beliefs and it is a great joy to see our Youth & Family program grow with the care and love of Rev. Claire Summerhill and all of the volunteers that make it possible.

A special shout out to everyone who has supported the teen fundraising efforts over the past year! THANKS!

There are a lot of great speakers and workshops coming our way in the next couple of months. Watch for announcements welcoming Melissa & Z, Rev. Laura Hallett, Dr. Karmen Smith and many others into our Sunday experience. The team pulling all of this together for you is busy creating dynamic and memorable experiences for us! Thank you to them and to everyone who has stepped into greater service at our Center!

Coming up...

Sunday, January 26th

Building the Beloved Community: An Introduction
Despite our best intentions, sometimes what everyone wants goes in different directions and can be a source of stress or even conflict. In this workshop, we’ll explore how to develop a more conscious intention for ourselves and our center. 

Rev. John has facilitated this process for individuals and organizations as a personal and cultural transformation specialist. Join us as we take the next step in the ongoing health and vitality of our beloved community.


Empower U - Classes starting in January!
Beyond Limits on Time/Date TBD with Jamie Jette, RScP
Treatment & Meditation Thursday mornings with Kelli Marshall, RScP - Still time to sign up!

In gratitude,

Kelli Marshall
LC Treasurer
 Here is what's happening at your Center!
The January Book of the Month is on sale now in the bookstore!
Affirmation of the Week by
Christine Paige, RScP
In case you missed it! WATCH NOW!
Our Youth and Teens meet every Sunday at 10:00!
Teens at camp this week!
Adventures in Faith discussion group every Tuesday with Lynn!