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LIVE : The Civil War's Impact on Americans
Saturday 9:30 am - 3 pm ET
The American Civil War Museum in Richmond, Virginia, hosts a symposium on the war's impact on ordinary people.

Speakers include:
  • Gettysburg College Civil War Institute director Peter Carmichael
  • author James Robertson
  • author Jane Schultz
  • author Amy Murrell Taylor

American History TV on C-SPAN3: 2 pm ET Sunday
Book TV on C-SPAN2: Noon ET Saturday

The C-SPAN Cities Tour takes you to Fayetteville, Arkansas, to explore its history and literary life.
Among our programs:

  • Tour the Pryor Center for Arkansas Oral and Visual History
  • Hear author and historian Brooks Blevins discuss the Ozarks
  • Go on a driving tour of the city

Visit our Fayetteville page , where segments are available to view after they air. For more information, visit and on Twitter @CSPANCities .

Thank you to Cox Communications for partnering with us in Fayetteville.
Lectures in History ® : Lincoln in Art & Photographs
Sat. 8 pm & midnight ET
DePaul University professor Mark Pohlad teaches a class on how President Abraham Lincoln is represented in art and photographs. He describes how images reached different audiences. Newspaper engravings, for example, were more widely circulated than a single painting or photograph.
Free Speech on Campus
Sat. 10:30 pm ET; Sun. 4:30 pm ET
Historians and university leaders discuss free speech and academic freedom on college campuses and the responsibility of administrators, faculty and students when sharing ideas. They also talk about how social media has changed the nature of discourse in university settings. This was recorded at the 2018 American Historical Association annual meeting in Washington, D.C.
Reel America ® : "Drug Abuse: Meeting the Challenge" (1987)
Watch and share this highlight.
Sat. 10 pm ET; Sun. 4 pm ET
The National Institute on Drug Abuse produced this 1987 film to highlight recent findings regarding the causes, treatment and prevention of drug abuse. The institute was established in 1974 to use science and research to better understand drug abuse and addiction.
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