November 20, 2020
Dear friends and neighbors in Christ,

As you’ll read below, there is a lot going on for Holy Cross. I realize most of you don’t see it on a daily basis in the ways I experience it, or your Bishop’s Committee or other core volunteers. Nonetheless, as you can see below, it all is still moving right along, even with the headwinds we face.

For instance, this weekend, as we end our post-Pentecost period with “Christ the King” day (just a note, I’ll always refer to it as the “reign of Christ,” which gets more to the heart of the day), we begin a new series reading Galatians due to the fine efforts of our own Bob Meloon. By translating the ancient Greek word πίστις{pis'-tis} as “trust” or “faithfulness” rather than the somewhat oversimplified and easily misconstrued “faith,” we get a very different sense for what Paul might really be getting at when he writes in Galatians 3.11: “The one who is righteous is justified by trust/faithfulness alone.” One of the things I appreciate most about Holy Cross as a community of the faithful is the commitment to re-examining assumptions, and a clearly exemplifies the “open minds, open arms” mantra of this beloved community. See below for more details.

Second, and perhaps most importantly in this moment—and again, you can read more below—Holy Cross’s 34th birthday is upon us! We will observe this birthday (November 30th) on Sunday the 29th. We’ll be adding more spaces to the registration for the parking lot to help out because you won’t want to miss the surprises we have in store for you all! I also want to take a moment to again thank our friend Andrew Seegers for the immense work he has put into making sure our new streaming equipment works, as well as Jack Cater’s willingness to contribute to this in myriad and faithful ways. Because of them and others, our birthday celebration should be a blast. I remark often that it's a bit interesting to celebrate the 34th birthday of a congregation, knowing my own 34th birthday is coming in a couple months as well.

There is, of course, even more, which you can read below. I just want to end with a note on the length of our services going forward. Due to medical knowledge about the COVID-19 virus and its ability to linger in aerosol form, we will follow the medical guidelines for religious gatherings. Epidemiologists recommend no more than an half hour of meeting in a space, regardless of whether it is in or outdoors. We are of course not meeting indoors, which is why we are able to continue the drive-in service. For everyone’s safety, we will continue the policy of half hour services until such time as we can safely gather for more time. Who knows when that will be, but rest assured we will be paying keen attention to those details on behalf of us all.

I’ll see you soon!
First Sunday of Advent & Holy Cross Birthday Celebration
Sunday November 29th
Hard to believe Advent is here! Next Sunday, November 29th, we begin the season of Advent. It is the first season of the church year, beginning with the fourth Sunday before Christmas Day and continuing through the day before Christmas. The name Advent is derived from a Latin word for "coming". During Advent, the Church invites her members to reflect upon the ways we need the light of Christ to be born anew into our lives. It's a season marked by preparation and expectation: for the light of Christ, the coming celebration of our Lord's nativity, and for the final coming of Christ on the last day.

On November 29th we will also celebrate Holy Cross' 34th birthday (transferred from November 30th). We have some special surprises planned so we hope you will save the date and join us for worship either in person at Drive-In church or via livestream as we celebrate the beginning of a new church year and a new year for Holy Cross.

Advent is a season marked by hope and new beginnings. It is an apocalyptic season in the oldest sense of the word: the world changing in darkness towards hope. It is a time pregnant with the hope of change and newness. Yes, our popular culture has changed the word "apocalyptic" to mean world ending, but that is not its original use: it is about the rebirth of all things and the end of the current status quo. We read the prophets, ponder our own call as faithful people, and discern what the reign of God might look like in our hearts and deeds. Join us as we celebrate the light of Christ that comes into the darkness of our lives to bring newness, life, and hope.
BC Retreat this Saturday

As previously announced, the BC (Bishop's Committee) will be in a virtual retreat this Saturday, November 21st, led by Donald Romanik, President of the Episcopal Church Foundation. Donald will be helping us with our revisioning process which will ultimately help us decide where we want to be a mission focused community once we are out of our current building. This is an exciting and important opportunity for us as leaders of Holy Cross in service to you all. You will be hearing more about our BC Retreat following the event. In the meantime, please hold your BC in prayer as we embark on this very special opportunity.

Worship & Formation
Streaming Update

Success!! Our livestream went well last Sunday with a successful video livestream to both our platform and Facebook! Thanks to friend of Holy Cross, Andrew Seegers, and Jack Cater for their hard work behind the scenes not only this past Sunday but also in helping to troubleshoot our problems. When you are on the platform if the video doesn't start right away and you see a large arrow in the middle of the screen, use your cursor to push on it and the video stream should begin!
In-Person and Online Services

BOTH in-person (video livestreamed and recorded) and mid-week online services are offered at Holy Cross. We hope you will find a service that feeds your soul and helps you enjoy fellowship with your HC faith family.
Worship this Sunday, November 22
9 AM, Drive-In Church
The service will be video livestreamed

To register for this Sundays and future upcoming Drive-In services use the button above. Please simply select "1 person attending" so as to indicate that you are bringing a single vehicle. Our ushers will gather information of anyone with you in your vehicle on Sunday for an accurate count and potentially for contact tracing.

A PDF version of the service booklet is here. Download to your tablet or phone (please do this before you come to church on Sunday) or print a copy at home and bring with you. We will also have sanitized printed copies available on Sunday.
You may also watch the service on Facebook here, or on our YouTube channel here, and listen to audio only here.

Miss last Sundays service? Watch it by clicking on the picture to the right. All past service video's are archived on our Youtube channel here and on our Facebook page here.


Please watch for Tuesdays email with the link to join via Zoom
Evening Prayer
7 PM ** on Zoom

We tour the world and experience Evening Prayer from countries throughout the Anglican faith tradition, including our own Prayer Book.

** 3rd Wednesday each month starts at 5 PM due to Bishop's Committee meeting
Contemplative Prayer
Noon on Zoom
Resumes December 3rd

Please note: we were meeting every other Thursday and we will not meet on our next scheduled Thursday, November 26th, Thanksgiving Day. Beginning Thursday, December 3rd, Contemplative Prayer will meet weekly rather than every other week.
Christian Formation
Sunday Forum
10 am on Zoom

This Sunday November 22nd
for 4 Sundays
Paul’s Letter to the Galatians

This Sunday we begin a four week study of Paul's Letter to the Galatians. Material for this week: Bob Meloon's Translation of Paul's Letter to the Galatians here and map of Galatia here. Please read Chapter 1 of the letter (page 3) and have the map handy for our forum.

Over the next four weeks we will look at this letter [1] from the point of view of the author, [2] the recipients, and [3] the implications for today. We’ll look at Paul’s Jewishness visa vis his message and mission to the Pagans of Galatia; and we’ll look at what it means in Paul’s theology “to trust (believe),” and how he understands “Christ crucified and risen.” We’ll see Paul in an agitated/frustrated mood.
Godly Play
Online Video's

Dear Godly Play families,

The next group of lessons include Advent 1-4. The video does all 4 lessons together. You can do them together, or stop each week after the light for each card is lit. The other 3 lessons you can do whenever you like. Have a joyous holiday season.
Your Godly play storytellers,
Sue Baas, Sue Sebastian and Judy Cater

Advent Resources

Read Waiting & Watching, a book of daily devotions published by Forward Movement. Contributors are Presiding Bishop Michael Curry, Scott “Lent Madness” Gunn and others. Available as a book or a Kindle ebook.

Make space. No need to open your wallet for this one. Just set aside time each day for some quiet. Turn off the phone, don’t look at the computer, and open your heart and mind to hear God’s call to you.

Read scripture. You can look up the daily scripture readings for any date here. They’re also listed in the back of the Book of Common Prayer. You might pair this practice with silence, above.

Shop like you’re a Christian. Can you make an impact on the world with your Christmas shopping — or lack thereof? Consider making charitable gifts for friends and family instead of buying more consumer goods. Think about buying from a small business or from a company that works for a positive impact with its workers and communities.

Connect with friends. Invite several friends to join you weekly for prayer and discussion of how we can turn toward Jesus in this difficult time. You can do this online, so your friends can be all over the world.

Adapted from Is Advent the New Lent by the Supreme Executive Committee - Lent Madness (The Rev. Canon Scott Gunn & The Rev. Tim Schenck)
Becoming a member
of Holy Cross
What is required to be a member of Holy Cross?
1) You are baptized in an Episcopal Church or other Christian denomination with water in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit
2) You have a desire to be a part of this congregation by regular attendance and support of our mission and ministry.
3) You desire to have your baptism (date & place) recorded on our books so that you are recorded as a member of Holy Cross

If you are already baptized, and desire to make Holy Cross your church home, please don't hesitate to speak with Rev. Richard about becoming a member.
Stewardship & Supporting Holy Cross
Bishop's Committee
Bishop's Committee ("BC") meetings are held the third Wednesday of the month from 6:30 pm - 7:30 pm. The next BC meeting is December 16, 2020 via Zoom. If there is something for which you wish to bring to the BC's attention, you may reach out to our Wardens, Karen Sanchez and Katie Ho, or any BC member. Their contact information is in the church roster or you may reach them via the church office at

To read the approved October minutes click here, the Treasure's report here, October P&L here, and Balance Sheet here.
Church offering plate with some currency in it
Offertory - Supporting Holy Cross

Thank you to all who continue to support our mission and ministry. You may continue to mail your pledge/donations to the church office OR use one of our online giving options:

Zelle: in your banking app or online bank account (no credit cards) and send your pledge/donation to: Please note "pledge or general fund" on the note/what's this for line. There are no fees when you use Zelle. OR

Use the button below (secure) to make your pledge or donation via your credit card or bank account via our Faithstreet giving platform. There is a fee with each transaction (just like Paypal and other payment processing services) and they offer the option for donors to pay the fee which is treated as a donation to Holy Cross and is tax deductible.
Pastoral Care
Whenever you have a concern or problem you would like to discuss confidentially, when a loved one is ill or has died, or whenever a visit with someone from Holy Cross may be of help to you, please contact Rev. Richard at 715.492.0297. Our clergy and members of our lay Pastoral Care team are commissioned to bring God’s grace and offer a time of listening, companionship, and prayer with those who are unable to attend worship or otherwise are in need of receiving such care. Short-term counseling, crisis intervention, and referral to other social service providers are also available.
Please hold all on our prayer list in your prayers:
If you would like to be added to the Prayers for Comfort, or would like to add someone else (please get their permission first) or add a family member to the Prayers for the Departed, please contact the church office at: email or 760.930.1270. Please mention 'Prayer List' in the Subject line and include whether the prayer request is for "Comfort" or for the "Departed".

Individuals will remain on the prayer list for 4 weeks. Please contact the office if you wish to have someone added for another 4 weeks.
Prayer for Discernment:
Brian Petersen, Postulant for Holy Orders, as he continues to discern God's call for ordained ministry and as he attends seminary.

Prayers for Comfort:
Fr. Atwood, Tom & Wayne, Arlene, Tom & Ann, Paul, Bob, Grant, Jerry, Art, Rhonda, Jen, the Petersen Family, Charlotte and the Laubach family, Maxine & Bob, Pamela & Cliff, Charlie, Marilyn & Art, Mary & Ray, all who have been affected by the COVID-19 virus, all who have been impacted by the fires in California, Oregon, and Washington, all who have been impacted by hurricane's and tropical storms, and those who have no one to pray for them.

Prayers for the Departed
We commend to God all who have died, especially Arlene Stehlheber, Peter Laubach, those who have lost their lives to the COVID-19 virus, those who have lost their lives to the wildfires, hurricanes and flooding, and those who have given their lives for freedom’s cause.

Prayers for those celebrating Birthdays
MaryLou Vanderpool and Tom Andreas

Prayers for those celebrating Anniversaries
Jack and Judy Cater

Prayers for those Traveling
George Fern
Notes of Care
Thinking of you. Humming bird watercolor card illustration
If you would like to be added, or suggest someone to be added (please get their permission first) to Notes of Care please contact the church office at: or 760.930.1270

Note: If you have lost a member of your family and would like us to include you and your family in "Notes of Care" please provide the name and relationship of your loved one, the date they entered into glory, and the address of where you would like notes of care sent.
Please keep in your thoughts and prayers those who are unable to be with us in worship and reach out to them to let them know they are missed.

Fr. Theodore Atwood
c/o Nazareth House Room N130
6333 Rancho Mission Rd
San Diego, CA 92108
Tom Andreas & Wayne Kirts
1930 W San Marcos Blvd Spc 234
San Marcos, CA. 92078

Arlene Cull
4714 Athos Way
Oceanside, Ca 92056

Allen & Cathie Zych
4014 Layang Layang Circle #J
Carlsbad, CA. 92008

Please hold Brian Petersen and family in your prayers at the death of his grandmother, Arlene Stehlheber. You may reach out to Brian and Family with notes of care at:

The Petersen Family
29732 Sawgrass Circle
Murrieta, CA 92563-6721
In the Diocese
The coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak is changing life for all of us. You may feel anxious, stressed, worried, sad, bored, depressed, lonely or frustrated in these circumstances.

You’re not alone!

Find resources to connect with real people that can help here.

Humor Corner
Cartoon from St. Swithin’s, by The Rev. Jay Sidebotham, copyright © 2002 The Church Pension Fund.
Staff and Leadership
Our Clergy
Bishop: The Rt. Rev. Susan Brown Snook ***
Vicar: The Rev. Richard Hogue - **
Associate Priest: The Rev. Theodore Atwood
Assisting Priest: The Rev. Walter Edelman
** office hours: Sunday - Thursday 9 am - 5pm. Fridays and Saturdays will be his Sabbath days. Rev. Richard will always be available for pastoral emergencies regardless of the day, but asks that you understand he will not be responding to general emails, text messages or phone calls on his Sabbath days as he is trying to get the rest that God requires of all of us. As a reminder, Rev. Richard is 3/4 time with Holy Cross and 1/4 time with St. Andrew's and his work hours Sunday through Thursday will support both congregations.

Church Secretary: Kathleen Menei, Jr. -
Bookkeeper: Muriel Wahl, Bookkeeper

Leadership - Bishop's Committee ("BC")
Sr. Warden: Karen Sanchez -
Jr. Warden: Katie Ho
Dennis Baggett
Mike Collier
Brian Petersen
Marci Stafford
Treasurer: Larry Sebastian
Clerk: Dave Dana

Contact information:
Church office: 760.930.1270
To contact any of our clergy, staff, or BC members that do not have an email address listed above please use the church email address, your message will be forwarded to the individual. If you wish to contact them in confidence please indicate that in your message and we will ask the individual to contact you.

As a reminder, due to COVID-19 staff is working remotely. The office email is monitored regularly and office voice mail (phone) and mail is checked twice a week. In the event of a pastoral emergency please contact Rev. Richard directly.

*** To contact the Bishop's office or another member of the diocesan staff ("EDSD"):
EDSD phone: 619-291-5947
EDSD staff directory:
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