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We are looking forward to a spectacular Season 8, which will begin October 21st and 22nd with author Thomas Moore, who will speak on the topic of soul mates. See the second text box to learn more.

Machiel Klerk receives "Enlightened 50" award: See the third box to read more about this special honor from the Community Foundation of Utah.

Great courses from Jung Platform:  Check out the latest courses from Jung Platform.
There's still time to get a $10 discount on the latest  Alchemy course with Robert Bosnak! See the fourth text box for more details. Listen to a short clip  of Robert Bosnak discussing "Alchemy and Love," and read a great intervi ew with Robert Bosnak HERE
Also, don't miss Cowry Shell Divination with Malidoma Somé and Dream Work with Machiel Klerk.

Dream Dialogue in Morocco: Join Jung Society Founding President Machiel Klerk for an exciting weekend workshop in Morocco. Find out more in the fifth text box.

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Learn about the hidden gifts that can be found in times of suffering. 
Find out how Carl Jung used active imagination

The Jung Society of Utah Team 

Thomas Moore on Soul Mates - Jung Society of  Utah Season 8 Opener

The Jung Society of Utah is excited to welcome Thomas Moore on October 21st and 22nd for our spectacular Season 8 opener! 

In the Friday lecture and Saturday workshop, Moore will speak on soul mates and experiencing deep love by honoring the profound differences between unique people.

Most of us hunger for intimacy and at the same struggle for happiness in relationship. Thomas Moore's Soul Mates came out in the early 90s, suggesting that we might be better off bringing soul to marriage and partnerships than seeing love as a problem to be solved. We might appreciate imperfection and honor each other's mysterious natures and destinies.

Thomas Moore published his classic Care of the Soul in 1992, followed by Soul Mates in 1994. He has written twenty books on spirituality, sexuality, myth, religion, and depth psychology. His books have been translated into thirty languages. He has taught religious studies and psychology and has been a psychotherapist for over 30 years. 

Mark your calendar to join us for this soulful weekend October 21st and 22nd!

Congratulations to Machiel Klerk - One of the Community Foundation of Utah's "Enlightened 50" award recipients

Each year the  Community Foundation of Utah  recognizes fifty individuals who are making a measurable - but often unsung - difference in the lives of Utahns through innovation, collaboration, and commitment to the common good.

Machiel Klerk, Founding President and Chairman of the Board,  Jung Society of Utah, is one of the award winners for 2016.  "Machiel is a visionary who brings deeply impactful and highly accessible depth psychology education to Utahns."

Congratulations to Machiel on this well-deserved honor!

Find out more about the award and see more pictures from this event HERE.

Robert Bosnak Alchemy Course: Yellowing and the Stone
begins September 15th

Yellowing and the Stone: Fermentation and the Goal of the Opus.

The next Alchemical Psychology course with Robert Bosnak begins September 15, 2016.

In this 10 class course, Robert Bosnak will alchemically explore the chapters Yellow and The Stone from James Hillman's book on Alchemical Psychology.

Click  HERE  to learn more about this fascinating and informative course.
Teacher: Robert Bosnak, PsyA, is a Jungian psychoanalyst who graduated from the C.G. Jung Institute in Zurich in 1977. Since then he was been in private practice in the United States and Australia. He founded the Santa Barbara Healing Sanctuary, developed a method of working with dreams called Embodied Imagination, and has written several books, including the worldwide bestseller,  A Little Course In Dreams.

Course:  There are 10 live webinar presentations of 1.5 hour, which will be held on the following dates:
September 15th, 2016
October 13, 2016
November 3, 17, 2016
December 8, 15, 2016
January 26, 2017
February 2, 16, 23, 2017 

Time: 6pm PST / 9pm EST

Cost: 10 Sessions: $150 (incl. copy of the audio recording). 

Sign up before August 15th to receive a special $10 discount 

Read an interview with Robert Bosnak HERE and enroll in this course HERE.

Dream Dialogue Weekend Retreat in Morocco!
September 23rd - 25th
Join Machiel Klerk for a dream adventure in Morocco!

Join Jung Society of Utah Founding President Machiel Klerk for a  Dream Dialogue Weekend Retreat  in Marrakesh, Morocco, September 23rd - 25th. 

During this retreat you will:
* Learn the basic of dream incubation
* Ask guidance from your dreams on any issue you have in life
* Get deeper insight into the world of dream
* Develop a way of being and working with the dream
* Create dream ritual through art and collages
* Connect with your own genius and build a relationship to bring it into the world
* Discover how dream can help you actively share your medicine with yourself and the new world. 

Date: September 23rd - 25th
Location:  Palais Medhi, Marrakesh, Morocco
RSVP:  Salima Raoui

   212 658892622

Plus explore Morocco before and after, and get guidance from Salima.

Learn more about this dream weekend HERE.

Catch up on the latest
 from our talented Jung Society bloggers! 

Finding the Hidden Gifts in Suffering 

"There are as many nights as days, and the one is just as long as the other in the year's course. Even a happy life cannot be without a measure of darkness, and the word "happy" would lose its meaning if it were not balanced by sadness. It is far better to take things as they come along with patience and equanimity."
- C.G. Jung

During an interview in 1960 Carl Jung was asked, "What do you consider to be more or less basic factors making for happiness in the human mind?" Jung replied:
  1. Good physical and mental health.
  2. Good personal and intimate relationships, such as those of marriage, the family, and friendships.
  3. The faculty for perceiving beauty in art and nature.
  4. Reasonable standards of living and satisfactory work.
  5. A philosophic or religious point of view capable of coping successfully with the vicissitudes of life.
However, this type of happiness is based mostly on exterior factors, which Jung noted later in the interview: "No matter how ideal your situation may be, it does not necessarily guarantee happiness. A relatively slight disturbance of your biological or psychological equilibrium may suffice to destroy your happiness."

How then can we be happy regardless of our external experiences?

Read more HERE.

Active Imagination 

"From the beginning I had conceived my voluntary confrontation with the unconscious as a scientific experiment which I myself was conducting and in whose outcome I was vitally interested. Today I might equally well say that it was an experiment which was being conducted on me."
- C.G. Jung

Who would seriously consider listening to the voices in their head?

Carl Jung, for one. As he neared middle age, this reputable doctor who set such store by his scientifically-trained intellect found himself faced with disruptive demands from his own unconscious. Worried that he might be losing his sanity, he fought to maintain his sense of self in the face of these strange inner forces that grew in strength and urgency.

"I stood helpless before an alien world; everything in it seemed difficult and incomprehensible. I was living in a constant state of tension; often I felt as if gigantic blocks of stone were tumbling down upon me." [ Memories, Dreams, Reflections 176]

He had built up his practice treating neuroses and psychoses as an outside observer, and to his dismay he now found himself experiencing some of the phenomena he had seen in his patients. In reflecting on this, he concluded that in order to be a truly effective and credible help, he had to gain a first-hand knowledge of what his patients went through. He had observed the workings of the unconscious enough by then to know that he was taking a serious risk.

Read more HERE.

Notes of Interest      


The Art of Cowry Shell Divination with Malidoma Somé 
Dream Dialogue:
Dream Work Course with Machiel Klerk 
What do you do when the revelation hits?

How can we carry our new insights to where they will produce action?

These are some of the vital questions at the heart of Robert Bosnak's new course, " Yellowing and the Stone," offered over live web broadcast in 10 sessions beginning September 16th. This is a continuation of previous courses based on James Hillman's alchemical work, but Dr. Bosnak emphasizes that it is not necessary to have completed his previous alchemy courses to benefit from this one. "Alchemy uses a language of linearity," he said, "but that's an illusion," as is any sense of sequence in Alchemical Psychology. Indeed, the illusory sequence that appears in that book is ironic, since James Hillman questioned the metanarratives of telos and goal in alchemy. "Hillman is interested in the phenomena that happen along the way as you work with the images."

Read more HERE.

Conversation with the Other World: 
Indigenous Counseling Therapy

Starts November 2016

This is a very special opportunity to enroll in a one year educational program with Malidoma Som é.

For whom is this education?
Are you intuitive? Do you trust your instincts? Do you have vivid dreams that sometimes wake you up in the middle of the night? Do you sometimes feel the energy of people around you? An affirmative to any of these questions signal a diviner in you. 

Teacher: Malidoma Patrice Somé is from Burkina Faso, West Africa. In his native language, Malidoma means "be friends with the stranger". A gifted medicine man of the Dagara tribe, he holds three master's degrees and two doctorates, from the Sorbonne and Brandeis. He is the author of  Of Water and the Spirit. He is a spokesperson and storyteller of the African Wisdom tradition.

Weekend Training Course Dates: 
November 19-20, 2016
March 18-19, 2017
June 24-25, 2017
October 19-22, 2017
Time: Saturdays  9-6pm
         Sunday  8am-12/ noon

Location: Orlando

More information HERE.

How Dream Incubation can help you live a Dream Life

Starts October 2016

15% Early bird discount until September 12th

Course: In this four week course you will learn how to connect with the world of dream, and get help and suggestions on how to realize your goals. Dreaming can help you with health, relationships, inventions, vocation, creativity and to explore the nature of reality.
You will learn about this ancient and worldwide tradition of asking help from the dream. We will explore some of the historical roots, especially in the Asclepian tradition. It will be very exciting to learn what kind of questions you can ask, and how best to phrase these questions. You will get some insight on how to be with the dream answers, and how to follow up on the dreams with a ritual. You will learn an invaluable tool that you can use for the rest of your life! 

Read more about this fascinating course HERE.

Class topics:
October 5: Introduction to Dream Incubation.
October 12: How to phrase the Dream Question
October 19: How to be with the Dream Answer
Oct 26: How to live a dream life?

Cost: $99 (incl. audio recording).  15% Early bird discount till September 12th:  only $84!

Bonus package: $175 includes a personal dream hour (worth $250).

Enroll HERE.


Volunteer Positions
Season 7 Finale with Malidoma Somé

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Other positions:

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Check out photos from the Jung Society of Utah's sensational season finale  HERE.

Malidoma Som é spoke about gift and purpose, and how "trouble" can serve as a guide that gives us direction along our individual path. Trouble can be "what pushes us to the edge, because the edge is where the psyche expands enough to awaken to our gifts...The blessing of trouble is that it hides an opportunity for healing."

Help us bring enlightening events to our community. 

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