The Dog Days of Summer...

They're here, those lazy, hot, waning days of summer that demand the eating of succulent watermelons fresh from the patch. In Colorado it's also the time when the sweet corn harvest is in full swing with delicious ears of corn just waiting to be munched. Do you eat your corn-on-the-cob like a typewriter or biting it round and round until the ear is cleaned of each kernel of sweetness?
We all love family fun. Summer time at the pool or lake. Biking or hiking your favorite trails. Of course we are all spending time in smaller groups, but that doesn't mean the enjoyment is less. In this edition we'll be reading about a couple of biological sisters - born years apart and to different mothers. Sister love is a special blessing in and open embryo donation and adoption.

We are praying for you. We are blessed by your choice of Snowflakes. We are hear to make your journey a success. We'll be your best cheerleaders!
Biological Sisters Meet; Born Years Apart
Meet two families who are building a story about life, sacrifice, and one very loved little girl.

Cecile and Michael DeMartini wanted to grow their family and assumed they would need the assistance of in vitro fertilization to conceive. When they naturally conceived their third child, though, they knew they would need to do something with their remaining embryos.

“It wasn’t an instant choice,” Cecile said. “It took us three years to make that choice. We wondered is it okay to give away your embryos because it isn’t convenient? What kind of family were we exposing them to?”

The power of story is incredible.

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Snowflakes Adopted Babies and Breastfeeding

We recognize many different and unusual days in the U.S. Sometimes we do it by the week or the month. August 1-7 was National Breastfeeding Week. Most people are aware that breast milk is strongly encouraged for all newborns. Did you know that embryo adoption allows you to give birth to your adopted child and as a result the opportunity to experience breastfeeding?

Jumping for Joy in July!

This month celebrates the arrival of 9 Snowflakes babies.


R and C welcomed their son Ethan Aaron #739 (he arrived in June)
S and S welcomed their daughter, Maggie #740
J and L welcomed their daughter, Eliana #741
J and M welcomed their daughter, Eugenia #742
R and T welcomed their daughter, Raylei #743
L and T welcomed their son, Jeramie #744
S and B welcomed their daughters, Miriam #745 and Leah #746
M and T welcomed their daughter, Joanna #747
Maggie has already perfected the inquisitive look
Eliana models her new ensemble.
Eugenia demonstrates how to "sleep like a baby!"
Little sister Raylei arrived just in time for Sister's Day!
Jeramie announces his arrival to the world.
Cuddly Koalas are perfect for Miriam and Leah who were born down under!
Joanna is most certainly worth the wait!
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