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This month, we are proud to feature two articles on thought leadership. This topic was a popular request in our recent survey of people around the world.

Denise Brosseau is the author of the book, Ready to Be a Thought Leader?

She has graciously agreed to write a special article for our bulletin and to grant us permission to reprint a chapter from her book that illustrates a real life success story.

We interviewed Van and Denise last week. You can see that interview as a Zoom recording HERE .
Barbara Key and Linda Alepin, Editors
Are You Ready to Be a Thought Leader

By Denise Brosseau, authoress

"The essential difference between leaders and thought leaders is often the latter’s ability to distill their know-how into a replicable model so that others can be inspired and empowered to expand on what they have accomplished."

Find out from one of the world's experts on thought leadership if you are ready to step into this influential role.

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Denise Brossea is CEO of Thought Leadership Lab. She is the author of Ready to Be a Thought Leader? (Wiley) 

Here is Denise's LinkedIn PROFILE

Van Ton- Quinlivan

A Case Study by Denise

When Van Ton-Quinlivan came to the United States from Vietnam at the age of six, no one could have predicted she would be appointed by Governor Jerry Brown to be the Vice Chancellor for California’s Community Colleges, the largest community college system in the world, by the time she was 43. But looking back, she knows that it was by bringing together the ideas and interests of many different people into a successful program, PowerPathway™, and then scaling that program across her industry.

Read more about the amazing success story of this thought leader HERE

Van Ton-Quinlivan is Executive Vice Chancellor Emeritus, CA Community Colleges Executive in Residence, Institute for the Future

Here is Van's LinkedIn PROFILE
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