Teresa Tomlinson: Thoughts and Insights on the Toughest Political Issues of the Day
Hear Teresa on GPB's Political Rewind | January 17
Columbus Mayor Teresa Tomlinson joins in a debate about difficult political issues, the direction of America’s moral compass and what is in our best interest.
Atlanta Journal-Constitution Op Ed: Tomlinson Calls Out Racial Motivations in Immigration Policy
Don't Mistake Racism for Politics

"This past three-day weekend celebration of the life and legacy of Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., is particularly poignant as it marks the 50th anniversary of his assassination. Fifty years ago, we were stunned into a pact to be a better people. Fifty years ago we decided we finally would embrace the simple foundational premise of this nation – that all men are created equal. There would be no second-class citizens. We would be an integrated national community. That’s the America I was born into in Atlanta, Georgia, on the cusp of the so-called “Gen X” generation. . . ."
Teresa on AM Joy: Tax Reform, Balance Budget Amendment and the Constitution
In the Columbus Ledger-Enquirer: ‘I Am One of You’: Winning Annual MLK Award Brings Mayor Tomlinson to Tears
In the Jan. 15 edition of the Columbus Ledger Enquirer, Alva James-Johnson reports that Mayor Teresa Tomlinson was overcome with emotion Monday while receiving the 2018 MLK Jr. Unity Award at the 32nd annual Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity breakfast. This year’s theme was “The Ongoing Struggle against Social Injustice.”
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