Thoughts For Our Texas and Florida Friends, and About Personal Accountability
Dear Valued Client

The destruction wreaked by Hurricane Harvey on Houston and large parts of coastal Texas and Louisiana hit very close to home for us at Bovo-Tighe. For years we have worked closely with hundreds of Shell and BP employees who live and work in the Gulf Coast region, and our hearts go out to them as they start the long recovery process.

(As we published this, Irma is bearing down on Florida. As you read this, that recovery process is starting as well.)

We are, frankly, blown away by the personal accountability showed by so many people, from every walk of life. We are humbled by the voluntary acts, the “boots on the ground” actions of small and large teams of individuals that have exemplified the responses of the people living there. Even those who have lost everything are finding ways to help others. Think about the long journey of the Cajun Navy from Louisiana, and all the other boat owners from hundreds of miles around who hitched up their trailers and headed to Southeast Texas to offer help ferrying people to safety. The convoys of truckers who stepped up to drive hundreds and thousands of miles to deliver emergency supplies, the churches and other community organizations that took people in and comforted them physically and spiritually.

We are extremely happy to report that our own Kris Hermes, who makes her home in Houston, came within a whisker of having her house flood, but lost only “everything that was stored in the garage.” She sends her deepest thanks to all of you who sent messages of support, hope and help during the crisis. She knows they helped keep the water an inch below her front door sill!

Everyone at Bovo-Tighe has made contributions to a range of charities, but if you live in affected communities, please guide us to the best ways to help you over the long-term as the recovery goes on. We want to be there to support everyone who have given so much to us over the years.
Life, as it does, is moving forward for all of us. For those who are not in harm’s way, and need to get refocused back on your own work as summer ends, we offer a few links to our leadership blog articles to help you get September moving in the right direction.

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