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As usual, the newsletter below has information to keep you updated on and connected to what is happening at Teen Services; however, we have more on our minds. We recognize that today when we talk about challenging times, that conversation is broader than the effects of COVID-19. Recent horrific events have opened the nation's eyes and hearts and forced us to acknowledge a long history of indefensible events and social injustices. We cannot be silent and go about business as usual. 

Our motto is Employing teens - Empowering dreams. We believe that those dreams should be available to every teen in Sonoma Valley, and where possible, we will help them achieve those dreams. As we do so, we promise that we will listen more intently, we will learn, and we will not overlook or tolerate injustice.

Our newsletter continues in a more light-hearted tone with reflections on the past month and a salute to the Class of 2020 because that is also who we are. We are one among many nonprofits working toward positive change in Sonoma Valley. As we continue our efforts, we commit to speak out and take part in the process of recognizing and ending racism and inequality in our community. 

From the Board and Staff of Teen Services Sonoma

On the morning of May 30 th , it seemed quite apropos to wake up to rain and threats of thunderstorms as that was the scheduled date for Cowboy Cab 2020 . However, this year it was not the usual concern about weather that impacted Cowboy Cab; it was COVID-19. A pandemic that has impacted us all in ways we could not have imagined.

We missed the opportunity to don our boots and hats and celebrate our teens with you. We would have told you about the launch of our new team-building program - Team Up - and the continued success of Ready to Work, the Lovin' Oven Culinary Academy, and Operation Bicycle. You would have cheered that you were one of the lucky 10 to be able to visit Redwood Hill Farms to meet the baby goats or you had the winning bid for wine tasting at Opus One. Perhaps Steve Page would have lured you into bidding on an exciting Raceway package and you would have listened to the journey of Alondra Perez (see below) and smiled. You would have raised your paddles high during the Fund-a-Need and kicked up your heels with line dancing led by Becky Jo. But not this time around...

Nonetheless, there are a lot of thank-yous to extend to everyone who contributed to the party that never happened. We list them below and hope we did not miss anyone. In particular, we thank all of you who raised your paddles virtually and contributed to our
  Cowboy Cab Fund-a-Need. (And by the way, it is not too late to donate!!)


And don't forget to send in your  Re-Boot Lyrics to be eligible for our special  Cowboy Cab gift!

High school graduation is one of those milestones that mark a turning point in young lives, and none more so than for this graduating class as they participated in a drive-through salute and online ceremony to end four years of memories. 

We had the privilege of knowing and working with many members of the Class of 2020, watching their confidence grow, their goals evolve, and their dreams emerge. We admire their accomplishments and their resilience and we wish them all well. 

2017                            2020
Alondra was raised in a Spanish-speaking household and didn't speak English until she was six years old. She struggled with math and needed extra tutoring in elementary school. As a freshman, she attended our Ready to Work course and that summer she joined our welding and construction project offered in partnership with Hanna Boys Center. Sixteen teens completed the 8-week course - 15 boys and one girl: Alondra. She was captivated by the welding component and was surprised by the sense of power and equality she felt being the only female in the course. She fell in love with engineering.
As a sophomore, Alondra worked in our Lovin' Oven social enterprise, where she learned additional skills, cooked for the homeless, and taught other teens skills she had learned. She also entered the Engineering Academy at the high school. TSS helped to secure a scholarship for Alondra to attend the Cal Poly EPIC (Engineering Possibilities in College) summer program, which further strengthened her interest in engineering.

"Engineering was something that seemed unreachable when I was younger because of stereotypical influences. The thought of being an engineer, graphic designer, computer expert, or just being interested in construction and welding was absurd. That was a 'man's field'." 

This year, Alondra was part of a TSS welding art project and for her senior project she coordinated an engineering camp for girls in 4 th -6 th grades so she could spark the same excitement in them that she experienced. In the fall, Alondra will attend Santa Rosa Junior College to study engineering with a goal of transferring to Cal Poly. 

Congratulations, Alondra Perez - Class of 2020!
  • Mario Vailetti, our Operation Bicycle landlord;
  • Tom Sours for tirelessly volunteering at Operation Bicycle;
  • Bryan Jones for his generosity in donating all the proceeds from three weeks' worth of delivered gourmet meals; and
  • Sonoma Valley Chamber of Commerce for donating a Reopen Kit of hand sanitizers, gloves, masks, etc.

It is not too late to support Teen Services and empower the teens of Sonoma Valley. Please consider joining the list of donors below. Every gift makes a difference. 

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