Volume 8 #48
Thoughts on the Pandemic from Fr. John
Dear Parishioners,

I have tried to keep informed regarding this COVID-19 pandemic from the most trusted (and authoritative) sources available. Early on, there was so much melodrama, but as time has passed, we have seen the sickness increase. This Coronavirus is far more contagious than the flu, and there is no vaccine as of yet. How can we stay safe and sane thru this time of challenge? Here are some ways we can process what is happening. Last week, I offered some activities; this week it is more my thoughts.

  • One of the things we have all had to make are adjustments. I remember that phrase, “Life is made up of adjustments.” There are only two ‘constants’ in life: God and change.” So thankful for God. Not so thankful for “change.” (E.L. Cole)
  • We do not have to be socially distant. Guidelines call for “physical” (six feet) distance, not “social” distance. We have all types of opportunities to still connect with each other: phones, live streams, FaceTime, Facebook, etc.

  • The difference between “Solitude” and “Isolation.” Isolation is “aloneness.” Solitude is badly needed quiet time—either alone or with God.
  • Music is healing & soothing to the soul. It can take our mind off our troubles, relax us when we’re stressed or pump us up when a little energy or excitement is needed. Can you incorporate more music into your life? Take a listen to this beautiful song HERE from a previous St. Joe’s choir member, Brian Connelly (recorded with Cammi Rockey). Let it lift your spirits and encourage you during this time. 
  • We have all mused “I have all these neglected tasks and wish I had more time.” DUH! The time is right now. Clean out those closets, cabinets and drawers; de-clutter your life; get rid of so many “things” that are unnecessary. Throw it away or give it away—but let it go. CARPE DIEM (Seize the Day)
  • The wealth of creative and humorous memes on the Internet. This humor is both necessary and refreshing. Take the illness seriously, but chuckle at our obsession with toilet paper. We can all use some much-needed comic relief.


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