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Update from Sharon

Hello, I know I"ve been delinquent in writing my newsletter. I had hoped by now to be doing a video portion with these things but have not figured out how to do it yet - nor have I taken the necessary time to learn what I need to learn.

Time is an amazing thing...

We all have the same 24 hours in each day. But - as I say - some days my best is better than on other days. And our level of energy definitely affects what we get done with our time in any given day. Fatigue is an energy robber... As is stress and fear. We each have particular things that revitalize our energy. For me - learning new things, helping people, playing with my dogs, watching the sunrise or sunset, eating, And Bemer! Biofield Tuning has also been a good energy boost. Horses use to be the top energy giver for me but as my horses have gotten old and sick - they are still a joy to me but... I lost my beautiful JJ during that Ice storm a few weeks ago. And that knocked me down a bit... But life goes on. Energy robbers I do often are escaping in a Tv show or playing solitaire. They help me veg which is good but can go from helping to being a total energy drain so it's a two edged sward. Food can also fall in that category. As can e-mail, the phone and social media. So it's not what you do - it's how you do it and when you do it that leads to balance.

I believe we are here to enjoy life and each other.. We spend our energies doing what we do and we recharge in our own special way. Many people recharge at the beach. If you picture yourself at the Beach - are you the one laying in the sun soaking up the rays? The one running down the endless open space. I'll be riding a horse or playing with one in the surf... The many years I did vacation at the beach - it was like everyone else go the vacation and I was still the chief cook and bottle washer - hey - someone has to do it right? Which is probably why for me going to the beach holds little attraction... Humm... Can you see that just a change in perspective could be all the difference here? Next time I go to the beach - I plan on exploring the different things you can do at the beach... But can you see that the same view point can be applied to the surrounding around us every day? You know I live alone, have two horse (with chronic health problems at this point) two dogs and a cat and 15 acres... So the work is ongoing and never done... That does influence my options. You each have your own set of these constants in your life. And there are things that are easy and things that are difficult.

Take a moment to think about:

Mental Emotional Physical and Spiritual - Balance

Time - Effort - habbits

Beliefs - actions - reactions

Poem Ray Hunt said at every one of the clinics I attended:

Watch your thoughts

because they become your words

Watch your words

Because they become your actions

Watch your actions

Because they become your habbits

Watch your habits

Because they become your character

And you and I are two of life's characters so watch your thoughts.

I put these ramblings together over a month ago and never got around to sending it - I had to edit a bit - but I left a lot alone - even the fact that it's not done... I think you get the idea. At a recent Bemer Saturday I met Tony Jeary. The results guy from right here in our back yard... I've been telling you how much I enjoy Elieen McKusick and her Biofield tuning and that I highly recommend her book Electric Body Electric health - well - from her stuff - I realize I do the 80% thing - I get a lot done but never quite finish the last little details... My house and car are always a bit of a mess as is my office space. I've tried figuring out how to change it and I clean it up to only end up with a mess again in a few days... Well after listening to Tony and selecting my top 20 then limiting it to my top 10 words that were most important to me I looked at the 20 that didn't make it and realized cleanliness, appearance and organization were in the - didn't make the list category! So - Just by changing my idea that they should move up in importance level changed significantly my ability to do the last 20% and I believe a clean house is in my future!!!

Value Exercise ... extracted from Tony Jeary's Results Faster Book

determine your top 20 values from the list below

Affection ... Alignment ... Altruism ... Appearance ... Appreciated ... Attitude ... Cleanliness ... Congruence ... Contentment ... Cooperation ... Creativity ... Education ... Effectiveness ... Efficiency ... Fairness ... Faith ... Fame ... Family ... Financial Security ... Freedom ... Friendship ... Fun ... Generosity ... Genuiness ... Happiness ... Harmony ... Health ... Honesty ... Humility ... Inner Peace ... Inspiration ... Intimacy ... Joy ... Knowledge ... Lifestyle ... Loved ... Loyalty ... Motivation ... Openness ... Organization ... Personal Brand ... Personal Improvement ... Personal Salvation ... Philanthropy ... Power ... Productivity ... Recognition ... Respect ... Results ... Romance ... Routine ... Security ... See the World ... Simplicity ... Solitude ... Spiritual Maturity ... Status ... Wealth ... Winning ... Wisdom

Try it and see what you get... Do top 20 - then down to 10...

Life is a balance - without our health - it's difficult. I value my Bemer as it is helping my health. I also get body work - trade with Barbara Dickinson or Gail Blom or get Craino Sacral from Janice Kreiger. Janice is now working out of the office a few days a week while her home goes under renovation. So if you notice someone upstairs...

So in closing I"m goin go give you two links I've given you before - one is for Eileen McKusick;s book Electric Body, Electric Health. It's a great book. I've taken her first class and am in her Practitioner course in March. The second is a new link for my Bemer site where you can read more about the science and usage, testimonials and shopping. Like everyone having a cell phone was an unheard of thing in the 80's. and now most families have more than one - A Bemer in every home is the goal. Who doesn't want better circulation?

Sorry this one is a bit scattered - but I believe you might get some benefits from my ramblings...

Happy Day after Valentines Day!

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