April 21, 2020

Ann Ali

Republican candidate for Governor Woody Thrasher issued the following statement regarding the decision by the West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals to uphold West Virginia’s Workplace Freedom Act:

" I applaud the West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals for upholding the West Virginia Workplace Freedom Act.

“Our strong Republican Legislature already fought off one Democrat Governor’s attempt to crush this crucial piece of West Virginia’s economic development efforts by overriding his veto in 2016. Now, despite the current Governor repeatedly working to undermine this powerful tool for to breathe new life into our economy, our Court boldly exercised sound reasoning to protect true workplace freedom.

“I’ve seen firsthand how site selection specialists won’t even give your state a chance if you don’t have right-to-work in your state, and we need every tool we can get to recruit new business to West Virginia. I couldn’t be more pleased that finally, after four years of uncertainty, the will of our conservative Legislature and the folks they represent can now be put into use."

Paid for by Woody Thrasher for Governor 2020