What would quilters do?

They'd see a bargain and save some money!

To celebrate World Wide Quilting Day, we're bringing you 5 big bargains. See below for the Big 5 from Hip Stitch: The store that gives you more!

(Read to the end for super secret Big Bargain Number 6.)
Memories are made of this
Alex will be receiving a very special quilt, made from his own T-shirts by his mom Sharon and with help from art consultant and quilt teacher Chavah, shown here holding this treasure.

The inset depicts the back of a T-shirt which corresponds to the front. Next to it, a custom printed "story block" explaining how the quilt came to be.

We're offering such blocks on a limited and experimental basis. Inquire if interested.
Big Bargains!
All GRUNGE Fabrics
25% off
To celebrate Worldwide Quilting Day Saturday, we're having a Stash Builder SALE!

Stock up on our favorite basics: Grunge. Sale includes basic Grunge, dots and stars.

With our everyday generous 37-inch yard cuts, you're saving even more.

Friday-Sunday, March 15-17

Out of town or otherwise can't make it to the store?

Shop Grunge online here and enter in the coupon code grunge25 to receive your discount!
Introducing Glide thread
Cindy and Ellen came back from the Kimberbell certification in Utah singing the praises of this thread (like a certain famous Tabernacle Choir, they were).

We figure that since Ellen ran a machine embroidery business, she knows her thread.

These are the big spools with 1,100 yards on each.

We're rolling out this new line with a "Buy 3, Get 1 FREE" offer for a limited time.

How about getting your quilt backing & batting on sale as well?
Bring in your quilt top for a photo for this very newsletter and you'll save 20% off your backing and/or your batting.

Sewing Scissor Sharpening
March 23
Any pair, any size, pinks, too.
Drop-offs start NOW!

FLANNEL SALE - 20 percent off - warmer weather coming and we want the space for seasonally appropriate fabrics. Help us to move out the flannels -- each and every flannel is 20 percent off until further notice.
Studio Art Quilters Association Meets Saturday
SAQA (Sock-Wah), the Studio Art Quilters Association will be making their every other month migration to their roosting place in our classroom this Saturday.

Bring your binoculars and observe them quietly or just wade right in while making artistic noises -- they're known to be quite friendly and will welcome you into their flock.

New Arrivals: Now in store!
What is "Boro" cloth?
It's a class of  Japanese  textiles that have been mended or patched together.The term is derived from Japanese  boroboro , meaning something tattered or repaired.

These woven fabrics emulate the embroidered and patched fabrics and they retain the character of the original.

Shop Boro Cloth
What is "mud cloth" . . . ?
Modeled on a handmade fabric from Mali which is traditionally dyed with fermented mud.

Mud cloth has, more recently, become a symbol of Malian cultural identity. The cloth is being exported worldwide for use in fashion, fine art and decoration.

This collection is on a canvas substrate and usable for garment or project sewing.

Oh, the places you'll go!
Dr. Seuss' classic for kids has taken on a second life for new graduates. Here's a softbook version.

It's doubtful that his anti-Nazi work will ever get this treatment. But it's noteworthy in it's own right.

Arriving today:
Giucy Giuce!
Giuseppe Ribaudo , who goes by the nom de loom "Juicy Juice" but retains the Italian spelling of his name has a new collection, "Redux" which is pronounced like when your first ducks didn't work right -- "re-ducks".

(No, I don't know why it all has to be so tricky and non-phonetic.)

With riveting geometric themes and a bright color palette that will work nicely with your Alison Glass stash, we want to see what you'll make with this gorgeous collection.

CLASSES coming soon:
Shibori Spring Fling Scarf
We are going to welcome Spring/Easter/Passover/Mother's Day with painted silk scarves! Using fun techniques, we'll dye scarves in bright spring colors for you to keep or gift.

Jelly Roll Rug OR Bowl
Cindy's been sharing her tips and techniques for making the uber popular jelly roll rugs and NOW is extending her teaching into making bowls out of jelly rolls.

Quick Quilts: Flying Geese
The right tool for the right job makes everyone’s life easier! In this series of classes Cindy will highlight a technique or tool to make your quilting life better and allow you to finish your quilts faster and with more accuracy. You will have the choice of at least three patterns to make a quilt that suits you best. 

Kimberbell Bench Pillow
Purchase any Kimberbell Bench Pillow Pattern and materials and we'll help you get it started! 

Quilter's Edition

Now, in-stock Eversewn machines which might suit you for retreats and classes.

If you're looking for a portable machine with modern conveniences, come see the Quilter's Edition. With a throat that can handle a full 8 inches and a knee lift, automatic thread cutter and a multitude of stitches.

Back in stock is the Sparrow 25, a robust little workhorse that is ideal as a back-up or travel machine for the more advanced sewist.
Is this the secret Big Bargain Number 6?
Why, yes. Yes it is.

Just our way of saying "thanks" for making us a nationally notorious fabric emporium.

We'll be tucking in a postcard that gives you 30 percent off any single item including fabric cuts up to 3 yards in each copy of the Quilt Sampler magazines we've got ordered.

The backside of the card passes that same savings to a friend who deserves it.

Priced below the newsstand rate -- $4.99, not $6.99. Remember, the big box stores don't take coupons for magazines!

We'll be having a party when the magazine arrives, too. (Not that we ever really need much of an excuse . . . we're still basically an on-going house party where we sometimes, occasionally, actually remember to sell something in order to keep the lights on. You're invited!)

Make Yourself at Home
Kimberbelles! The fabric has arrived, the kits are being made & sold....have you purchased yours?

Lots of cute themes to surround the "Make Yourself at Home" project -- check the prints depicting 1950s style furniture and housewares, and all the prints that go with them.
See all of March classes HERE

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