It’s so inspiring to see how organizations and individuals have adapted, and sometimes even thrived, despite the restrictions we all face. April and May are traditionally busy months for health and safety, and this year there are many creative approaches to ensure events for Day of Mourning and national Safety and Health Week go ahead. Threads of Life has plans too -- read on to see how you can be part of them.
Standing side by side on Day of Mourning
For families affected by a work-related death or serious injury, every day is a day of mourning. They wake every morning missing that one, and they grieve daily for all that’s lost. On April 28 each year, the community -- all of us, all of you -- can stand side by side and mourn along with that family. April 28 is National Day of Mourning, when Canada honours all those killed or injured on the job. This year, we can’t be together physically at the ceremonies and events that usually mark Day of Mourning, but we’ll be side by side in spirit. Watch the Threads of Life web site and social media for our family members’ videos, sharing their personal Day of Mourning. And join us online April 28th for a live ceremony. It means so much to our Threads of Life families to know that you mourn with them.
It’s not too late!
Canada’s Safety and Health Week is May 2-8. If you’re planning a virtual event for your workplace, there’s still time to book a Threads of Life volunteer speaker. By sharing their personal experience of the consequences when something goes wrong at work, Threads of Life speakers help to change safety cultures for the better!
Team up for H&S!
You’ve heard the expression “Teamwork makes the dream work”. Well at Threads of Life we dream of a world where workplace tragedies are eliminated. One of the ways we can all work together to make the dream a reality is through Steps for Life-Walking for Families of Workplace Tragedy. When you get your workplace team involved in Steps for Life, you’re letting everyone know health and safety is your top priority. You’re keeping everyone focused on safety, you’re helping families already affected by workplace tragedies, and you’re even having a little fun along the way. Register your team today for Steps for Life and help us make the dream work!
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