What you can’t see can hurt you too -- we all know that. It’s only in the past few years that psychosocial hazards like bullying and harassment have been acknowledged, and there’s still a need to fully understand the impact they can have on a family. Threads of Life welcomes people affected by work-related injuries and deaths, no matter the cause.
Shining a light on a secret workplace hazard
Even today, there’s still shame attached to talking about workplace bullying -- especially if the victim is a big, strong guy; a heavy equipment operator, a dad. Bobby Duhaime was all of those things, and was reluctant to talk about what was going on at work. When he did try to get help, there was none to be found. Bobby died by suicide. His wife Brenda shares his story in the hope that it will encourage workplaces to take bullying seriously, and protect other families from the heartbreak she has experienced. Read Bobby’s story and learn about the impact of workplace bullying, and how to address it.
Safety first focus for Mark's Commercial
The safety-first focus at Mark’s Commercial makes their partnership with Threads of Life a perfect fit. Mark’s retail has been a Threads of Life partner for many years, funding programs for families affected by workplace tragedy. Now Mark’s Commercial will be doing even more to spread the word about Threads of Life to new families and workplaces. Mark’s Commercial supplies thousands of businesses across Canada with compliant industrial workwear, footwear and PPE as well as branded uniforms and apparel. A new campaign starting this summer will introduce Threads of Life to Mark’s Commercial sales staff and clients. Thank you, Mark’s, for your commitment!
Behind the scenes: Fall Family Forums
One of the cornerstone programs for Threads of Life is our family forums -- annual events where people affected by workplace tragedy can gather to learn coping skills and share their experiences. Planning for these weekend-long events begins more than a year ahead, no matter whether the forum will be held in person, or via Zoom as we’re doing this year. Threads of Life staff and volunteers work to come up with the perfect blend of sessions for our family members, mixed in with opportunities for informal socializing -- we know the relationships that form over coffee or a chat are vital to healing. This summer, we’re finalizing plans for the Western and Central forums to be held this fall, and looking ahead to the Atlantic Family Forum next May. Threads of Life’s committed partners and sponsors make these events possible. Thank you!
ICYMI: On the blog
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