At Threads of Life, we usually stay away from statistics -- there are too many variations in the ways injuries, illnesses and deaths are reported. We do know there are hundreds of thousands of lost-time injuries in Canada each year, and every one of them causes disruption and distress. Sometimes it takes the perspective of a family member to help us understand the impact a work injury can have on a family. Read one of those stories below. This is why our go-to statistic is “one,” as in “one is too many.”
One is injured, but everyone suffers
Cathy McNeil was just 12 when her dad was injured in a mining explosion. The severe burns changed not just how he looked, but his personality and all the relationships in their family. More than 40 years later, they are all marked by the tragedy -- in ways both negative and positive. Cathy shares her story of pain and love, as an important reminder of the wide-ranging and life-long ripples a workplace injury causes. 
Registered safety professionals support students through scholarship
The Board of Canadian Registered Safety Professionals (BCRSP) is one of Threads of Life’s wonderful partners, Through BCRSP, Canada’s registered safety professionals are helping four Threads of Life family members to achieve their post-secondary goals. Four scholarships, each valued at $2,500, are being awarded to individuals affected by workplace tragedy, who will be attending post-secondary institutions this fall. The national scholarship recognizes academic achievement, community involvement, and need. Read more about the scholarship and this year’s recipients.
Top women in safety
It’s an impressive list of leaders and influencers from Canada’s health and safety field, and Threads of Life is proud that our own founder and Executive Director Shirley Hickman is one of the 40 women recognized in Canadian Occupational Safety magazine’s first annual list. We’re even more delighted that so many of those recognized are also supporters of Threads of Life! Thank you all for your leadership and commitment to preventing tragedies and ensuring safe and healthy workplaces.
We walked TOGETHER
We were far apart physically, but through Steps for LIfe 2021, people across the country were together in spirit, together in fun, together in optimism, together in passion for health and safety, together in support for those affected by workplace tragedy. Communities and individuals walked together this spring, sporting their yellow Steps for Life t-shirts, and sharing their experience. While fewer companies could commit to sponsorship this year due to the pandemic, many organizations fundraised or made donations instead. Together, you exceeded our fundraising goal and impressed us with your creativity and generosity. Thank you. You can continue to fundraise and donate to Steps for Life until the end of June. Watch for the results of our final prize draws and Team Challenge competition!
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