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As the Dream Team Organizing Editor for MORE on FOX 5 Las Vegas, Brenda shares organizing ideas every other Wednesday that will help you become more organized - at home, at work, in life!

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Small spaces can quickly look over-crowded and cluttered.  Let's look at three simple ways that organization can make a tiny space not look so cluttered?  This can apply to a small home, a room in your home or even a dorm room if you have children heading off to college.  Use the tips that follow to magically transform any space into a clean and spacious feeling area.  Click on the picture below to watch Brenda's segment from The More Show on Fox5 Vegas.  
Using bins, boxes or other containers to hold belongings can tidy up an area in no time. It no longer is a bunch of little items scattered about, it is one tray, box or bin.
There are many options to help conceal or "hide" items.
  • A low-profile book shelf used more for storage than books, hang a curtain to hide the contents and give a fresh new look to the room.
  • An ottoman can be used for shoes, newspapers or magazines to hide everyday items you access frequently and help the space have a tidy appearance.
  • If you're not using the space under you bed, start.  You may need to get a set of bed risers to give even more space for low profile zipper storage or a rolling under bed bin to make access a snap.  
  • Lastly, there is always being more efficient when you store items in cabinets with shelf helpers, dividers and bins.
To reduce the visual aspect of clutter, being consistent with similar objects, colors, textures or sizes creates a more uniform appearance that looks like one unit instead of many different items.  
We hope you found these tips helpful to create a more spacious feel in your home, no matter what its size.  See our book "31 Days to an Organized Life" for additional tips and strategies you can use when time allows.     

Remember, we love you sharing organizing solutions you have used or any you would like us to discuss in a future newsletter.  If it is important to you it will be to others as well.