Baby Blue

Three Challenging Questions

Here are 3 questions that I took with me on one of my 3 day outings in the wilderness with God, which I call my, “Escape to God Time.”

1.  What does God want for my life and will I dare to live it?

2.  What does God want me to do, as opposed to everybody else’s expectations?

3.  Will I PRIORITIZE the pursuit of, “Pleasing God and God
alone, daily?”

I found the answers to all 3 questions and WOW do they make me a “CONTRARIAN,” not only to the world but to many in the Christian Churches as well.
I challenge you to search out the answers to these 3 questions for your life and then share your answers with me if you feel so inclined.
Here is the Setting in which I spent 3 days pondering these questions. What a place to meet with God! Enjoy!
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