Newsletter Issue: Vol 9 Issue 2
February 2020
February Quote
"If you want to know about a man, you can find out an awful lot by looking at who he married."
~ Kirk Douglas
1040 form
Three Common Tax Myths  
With tax season officially open as of Jan. 27, taxpayers may feel a familiar sense of anxiety. Fueling those anxieties are several common misconceptions that can hurt taxpayers, either by needlessly adding to their worries or even costing them money.
Flu Outweighs the Coronavirus as a Health Risk to Americans
As CNBC reports, at least 19 million people have come down with the flu in the U.S. with 180,000 ending up in the hospital, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
Do You Qualify? IRS Offers Free File for Some Seniors
As notes, the I.R.S. helps some retirees and seniors do their taxes for free.
Monthly Economic Update
This month the markets (and central banks) are watching to see how far the coronavirus might spread and wondering what impact it may ultimately have on global commerce. Trade deals make headlines, the United Kingdom makes its Brexit, and confident U.S. households help the economy keep its pace.
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