Upcoming Webinar

What is the Positive Culture Framework for improving health and safety?
June 10, 2019 at 1:00 pm (MDT)
This webinar will provide an overview of the Positive Culture Framework, a way of organizing efforts to improve health and safety. The agenda items include:
  1. Culture and Its Impact on Behavior
  2. Working Across the Social Ecology to Transform Our Approach
  3. The Positive Culture Framework 7-Step Process
  4. Key Skills to Increase Effectiveness

  • Katie Dively, M.S., CHES
  • Jay Otto, M.S.
How do we improve health and safety in our communities? What skills do we need to cultivate cultural change?

The Positive Culture Framework, an approach based on our research about improving health and safety, seeks to cultivate healthy and safe cultures in communities and organizations. The Positive Culture Framework focuses on the three critical skills needed in order to be effective at improving health and safety: leadership, communication, and integration.

Improving health and safety is an act of   leadership . Improving health and safety is an act of leadership. We are leading people to make healthier and safer choices. Changing cultural factors can be challenging as people often resist questioning their core assumptions. Developing leadership skills enhances our ability to help others challenge their core assumptions.

Virtually all efforts to improve health and safety involve communication . Often, communication efforts addressing health and safety have minimal results and sometimes can even make the problem(s) worse. It is very important to ground communication efforts in strong research and to recognize that even conversations are critical communication opportunities.

When we recognize the work of improving health and safety is about impacting many behaviors across the social ecology, we realize that there is no single strategy that will address these complex issues. Accepting that we need a portfolio of strategies means we must also accept the need to actively manage and align these strategies. This management and alignment of strategies is the work of integration. Integration is about making things whole. Developing skills in integration means we can foster better resource utilization, reduce competition and foster cooperation, align purpose, and increase the effectiveness of our efforts.  

Attend the Positive Culture Framework Training in Nashville, TN on September 24-26, 2019 to
  • become a more effective leader;
  • discover how to communicate effectively to advocate for prevention, health, and safety; and
  • learn how to better understand and align effective strategies.