We Like These DK Yarns!
We like these DK weight yarns and so we pulled some fall colors to show you. Often knit on US #5-7, DK weight knits up fairly fast and gives a lighter weight result than worsted weight.

Left: Sueno Tonal is a soft and luxurious. It is merino superwash and bamboo that's been dyed in shades of one color. The skein shown is Color 1405 "Tree Bark." The rich chocolate brown color has tones of a lighter chocolate as well.

Graywoood Designs TBTEE pictured is knit using Sueno Tonal in Tree Bark. You will need 3 or 4 skeins, depending on size.

Center ball: Another DK yarn Hikoo Kenzie, is more tweedy in character. A blend of New Zealand Merino, angora, and alpaca make this yarn perfect for a sweater that will keep the chill away while you are enjoying the tour through the apple orchard. The skein in the photo is Color 1006 "Kumara," a great choice for a fall hat, maybe with some cables.

Right: This skein is Simplicity Solids by Hikoo. It is a merino superwash blended with acrylic and nylon that makes this yarn durable and soft. That color, 133 Bouillion, would make a charming baby sweater for fall.
Note from Wanda: What I'm Knitting
Sunday Cardigan

I've been eyeing The Sunday Cardigan for a while and have cast on the large size. Since I'm using a melange of yarn, I knit a swatch to try out different strand combinations. I also made a box that I can draw yarn from as I knit. I cut down the side of a USPS box using a mat knife and then covered the edges in red duck tape so the yarn would slide smoothly.

The cardigan is on a US #10.5 needle (I swatched three needle sizes -- 10, 10.5 and 11) and is a top down raglan design. The pattern is written in metric so I had to convert all the measurements. I used Siri on my cellphone to do the conversions. The pattern for Sunday Cardigan is on Ravelry and is by Petite Knits. There's a child version, too. Look for Sunday Cardigan Junior.

My base worsted yarn will be Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride. I'm adding various sock yarns like Crazy Zauberball, and some leftover mohair in order to get the larger gauge of 11 stitches per 4 inches. I'm holding three strands together -- one worsted, two sock or mohair. The mohair is from a kit that we sold. Some of the sock yarns come from other projects. Stay tuned!
Another Window Seat Blanket

You might remember the One Bag Baby Blanket project. I knit it as a baby blanket last spring and then we pulled together our One Bag project. I'm missing that no-brainer knitting so much that I cast on a really, really big blanket using Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride worsted in two green colorways and the Window Seat Blanket pattern. The colors I'm using are ombres in both warm and cool green. Unfortunately, both are discontinued.

If you think you might want to try a big blanket like this, you could do it in one of their neutral shades. Look at Wild Oak or Sable if you like browns. Or give us a call for some suggestions. We are always happy to order yarn for big projects and love to be a part of helping with color.

Lamb's Pride Worsted is 85% wool and 15% mohair in a single ply. It is soft and buttery to knit. It will be a fantastic warm throw for a living room accent. This blanket is a great project that I won't finish for a long time. I set aside 10 skeins of yarn (two are already knit up) and I have cast on 162 stitches on a US #10 for a blanket that will be more like a big afghan. I keep it in a large wood bowl near our TV and that's what I pull out to knit on when I'm watching news. Keeps me sane!
Reposado sleeveless sweater

I finally finished this one and find wearing it a treat. Ballet necklines are a favorite of mine and I really like the lace drop shoulder arm detailing.

I used HiKoo Rylie, Color Pearl, a pale pink, and figure that next time I'll knit this one in a darker color, maybe color 126 "Ink." The pattern Reposado is by Thea Colman and is on Ravelry.

We have every color of the Rylie yarn which knits up soft and lightweight and lovely in this design. I used 3 skeins, but only needed 20 grams of the third skein. So on US #6 needles, using a DK weight yarn, knitting Size Large, this garment took 603 yards.
And finally. . .

Yesterday I did some weeding in perennial beds. I dug up a clump of iris that I thought had been planted over a stone base. Those stones turned out to be big overgrown rhizomes that looked like stones! I discarded the soft parts and the old tough roots. Now I have a big pot of iris toes to plant this fall. AND there are daylilies to transplant. AND apples to pick. Ah, fall.

I'm in the office one day a week. The rest of the time I work remotely from my home studio. My knitting area is cluttered with three ring binders of patterns and tons of yarn. Out in the garden we are picking summer squash and tomatoes and green beans and sunflowers this week. What a bounty!

You might have talked or texted or emailed with Maureen who manages our office and shipping. Maureen's kids are going to in person school this fall. While our local school district is offering options, her kids will be in classrooms. Some of my grandkids are in classrooms already; others are getting prepared for distance school. We are both hoping that the virus stays contained and that the benefits of learning will continue to keep kids resilient in this pandemic.

Thanks again for supporting us. We hope you've had a good summer and are looking ahead to fall. Keep in mind that we fill orders on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Get your yarn orders in for fall and winter projects! And make a plan to VOTE. That's a big part of this fall's events.

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