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Three Easy Ways to Avoid Overeating
We all do it. Sometimes the amazing aroma and delicious flavor gets the best of us. Especially if we're a bit on the hungry (or hangry) side.
I'm talking about overeating at meals. 
This can have a big impact on our weight, energy levels, and overall health and well being. Of course our body needs food to fuel it and we may eat amazingly healthy foods.
But we may still overeat. In this post I'm going to give you three solid tips for preventing that from happening. 

Tasty (and beautiful) Pre-Meal Water Ideas
If you're not much of a plain water drinker or need your water to be more appealing to your senses, here are five delicious (and beautiful looking) fruit combos to add to your large glass of water:
‚óŹ      Slices of lemon & ginger
‚óŹ      Slices of strawberries & orange
‚óŹ      Slices of apple & a cinnamon stick
‚óŹ      Chopped pineapple & mango
‚óŹ      Blueberries & raspberries
Tip: You can buy a bag (or several bags) of frozen chopped fruit and throw those into your cup, thermos, or uber-cool mason jar in the morning. They're already washed and cut and will help keep your water colder longer.

Bonus Recipes - Chocolate Avocado Smoothie!!
You will need:
1/2 Avocado
1 cup Unsweetened Coconut or Almond Milk
1 tbsp Almond Butter
1 cup Baby Spinach
1 tbsp Ground Flax Seed

Place all ingredients in your blender and blend until smooth. Pour into a glass and enjoy!

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