Cars of the Week: David Sonnenberg

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Cars of the Week: David Sonnenberg's IROC-Z, Silverado, and C-10 

This week' featured cars come from David Sonnenberg of Atomic City, Idaho.
David has ordered from us TEN TIMES since his first order in February of this year and he keeps coming back to us! We're happy to feature David's cars this week, including his 1988 IROC-Z Camaro, 2005 Silverado, and 1968 Pro-Street C/10 pickup.

The IROC-Z features 1/4-inch 6012 Metallic Gold Rimstripes

The Silverado features two concentric 1/8-inch 6012 Metallic Gold Rimstripes

And the C/10 features 1/8-inch 6030 Gloss Orange Rimstripes

Dear Stripe-It-All,
Thank you for including me as one of your e-mail friends. I enjoy looking at how other's use your product to enhance the appearance of their cars.
I've included some pictures of my NOS equipped 1988 IROC-Z for your consideration. I used your 1/4" gold metallic stripes on the American Torque Thrusts. I think the stripes help tie the car together.
I also have a 1968 Pro-Street C/10. I used your 1/8" orange stripes on the front 10-spoke E/T Gassers and the rear Weld Star Lights. The truck is running a 383 stoker with dual quads. Can send pictures if you like.
I also have a 2005 Silverado. I striped the wheels on it with two 1/8" gold stripes. Makes the truck look so much better than pure stock.
A friend wants me to strip the wheels on his 2016 Vette and another wants me to stripe his wheels on his supercharged Dodge.
Very impressed with Stripe-It-All.
Thanks, Dave
Good morning Rob,
Here's some pictures of my '68 C/10 with a single 1/8" orange stripe and my "05 with two 1/8" gold metallic stripes.
My friend's '16 Vette is totally black other then the red brake calipers. That's a no brainer on the color for that one.
My other friend's Dodge is a real dark navy blue. He's not sure what color he would like for that one. You kindly offered to mail me some color swatches if we needed them. Well we do. It would be very much appreciated.
Thanks again, hope you find the pictures I sent suitable for your news letter.
Dave Sonnenberg
Subject: 1968 C/10
Dear Tapeworks,
Here's some pictures of my 1968 Chev C/10. Been working on it for 10 years. One of the nicest improvements was adding a 1/8" paint matching orange stripe to the wheels courtesy of Tapeworks. Really ties things together. Your tape is durable and really sticks. I've been to several car shows since I applied the stripes and my truck is unique due to the wheel stripes. As soon as word gets out, I'm sure I'll be seeing a lot more.
I've called Tapeworks a number of times with questions and was always treated as if I was your most important customer. Thank you for your support.
Sincerely, Dave


Thank you for the photos, David! Sounds like you've probably got some more to send us in the future!

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