The Epiphany of Our Lord Jesus Christ
January 6, 2021
This is the day when the wise travelers from the East have finally met
the Child-King of the Jews, for whom they searched after being alerted by a star.

What will you find when you follow a star?

What calls you so strongly and persistently that you must drop everything
and make a journey to it (and bring presents!)?

Sometimes, is your presence a present?
What are ways to be present - remotely?
(Prayers count!)
What do you suppose the three wise persons looked like? And what would you have had them carry to the newborn King?
You choose!

Click here for instructions to make a quick 3-King paper chain (template included!) for you to create your own visiting royalty.

Perhaps they can stand - or bend them, to kneel - in a special place in your home.
To all our children, youth, families, and friends at St Paul's Church & beyond:
we wish you all the blessings of Epiphany!

How are you?
What presents may St Paul's Church and I offer to you and yours? Linda