Thank you to all who donated to help keep our Small-Town Three Lakes Center for the Arts Open for Live Performances and Movies!

TLCFA has a lot of good news.

Having completed most of the outside renovation in 2022, the board has been focusing on the needed inside repairs.

Much of the work to be completed by spring is to make sure that all the wiring and equipment is updated, installed correctly and working.

We have been most fortunate to have engaged Curt Drumm as the dedicated leader in this complex project. Curt has 20 years’ experience as a Broadcast Engineer, and he has had many years of experience in the radio, tv and motion picture industry.

The projector is now working, and its software is capable of many nifty services. On schedule it can run commercials, turn the lights on and off in the theatre, run movies and trailers. We can show anything available because our projection is now as good as what is found in most commercial theatres in Wisconsin. We can now also stream live events, and anything else we have happening on our stage.

Getting all switches, wiring, microphones, speakers and cables to work correctly and to be labeled correctly has been a challenge. Curt has been assisted in this work by several other professionals who have provided significant improvements.

By opening time in May all wiring, and equipment should be working and documented. We would also like to have the new security system installed. These improvements will bring the Three Lakes Center for the Arts up to par with any other professional theatre and live event venue in northern Wisconsin. It will aid us in expanding our entertainment and exploring other uses for this beautifully restored historic building, whose roots date back to the end of WWII.

We hope to have a questionnaire ready to send out very soon.

Our goal is to make sure that the theatre is enjoyed. We want to know what kinds of programs and movies you want. Your input is needed. What will bring you and your family to this theatre? This is very important for the board to know as we plan for the future.

For more information, or to volunteer, contact Collette Sorgel at or 715-477-0001.


  • Collette Sorgel, President, Special Projects Coordinator and Co-Chair of the Capital Campaign 
  • Carolyn Leatzow, Treasurer and Co-Chair Art on Main
  • Donna Cotter, Director and Co-Coordinator Art in the Park
  • Gail Lovett, Director
  • Mary O'Hara, Director and Co-Chair of the Capital Campaign
  • Barb Perkins, Director, Decorations & Coordination Annual fundraising event and Co-Coordinator Art in the Park
  • Gay Scheffen, Director of Live Events and Co-Chair Art on Main
  • Mary Sowinski, Director, Buildings and Grounds
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