Organizations, large and small, such as conference and convention centers, hotels, and office buildings host meetings regularly. Some conferences post electronic agendas, promote the use of public transportation, and recycle paper. Here are a few suggestions to take your next meeting a few steps on your sustainability journey:
  1. Water offsets: In addition to promoting the use of tap water instead of bottled water, buy water offsets for the water footprint of the meeting. Similar to carbon offsets, water offsets are a great way to become a zero impact event.
  2. Donations: To promote community resiliency in the city where your meeting or conference is held, donate time of participants to a local program or project and/or donate unused materials to local organizations.
  3. Nutritious food: Promote health and nutrition to venue staff and meeting/conference attendees by providing local, organic, nutritious foods; and compost the food waste!

According to the Green Venue Report, published by Greenview, the venues with the best management sustainability programs incorporate the following practices in to their operations: have green teams, provide employees with green training, have one or more sustainability related certifications, donate food to local organizations, recycle multiple waste streams, and donate unused conference materials.