"Anything worth doing is worth doing badly." 
G.K. Chesterton

Three Magic Words
When I started to get some traction in selling life insurance in my first few years, newer agents would come into my office sometimes to lament. It was too hard, they didn't know anybody, they didn't know what to say, etc., all the frustrations I had had too and still have from time to time.

"Do you know what the three magic words in selling are?" I would ask. Often, they would look at me blankly and a few asked, "What?" And I would reply with, "Stick with it."

Those are magic words in anything at which you want to succeed. And the reason anything worth doing is worth doing badly is that you are going to do it badly until you do it enough so that you end up doing it well.

It takes time, and it takes persistency. And if you have these two, you will make it. This is the formula that everyone who has ever succeeded at anything has used. So if it's worked for them, will it work for you and me?
- Hank Frazee, Author of  Referral Upgrade   and  Before We Say "Goodnight"