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President's Report

Endorsement Vote Results: Public Advocate and City Council Member, District 6

Ongoing: Endorsement Votes for Mayor and Other NYC Offices. What You
Need to Know

Gale Brewer Thanks Three Parks for Our Endorsement

Taking Back the Senate: Campaigning for Warnock and Ossoff

Judicial Delegate Candidates Needed

Closing the Income/Wealth Gap
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Wednesday, January 13, 2021, at 8:00 pm

Candidates for
Manhattan District Attorney
Tahanie Aboushi Alvin Bragg  Liz Crotty  
Diana Florence  Lucy Lang  Eliza Orlins 
Dan Quart  Tali Farhadian Weinstein 

More information for eligible voters can be found here.

Join the meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone. 

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Meeting ID: 884 0227 4456
Passcode: 637134

You may also join by using your phone to dial in.

7:45--8:00 pm: Log On / Dial in
8:00 pm: Call to Order
Speakers: Candidates for Manhattan District Attorney
Questions and Answers
By Lorraine Zamora

Happy New Year! I hope you have enjoyed the holidays and are looking forward to a healthier, less stressful year ahead. The good news is that the COVID vaccine has begun to be distributed and, fingers crossed, over the next several months all of us will have had gotten the shot.

My sincere thanks to everyone who took part in Three Parks endorsement meetings this past fall. On December 16 we voted to endorse Gale Brewer for City Council District 6 and Jumaane Williams for Public Advocate. Congratulations!

At this writing, Three Parks is awaiting the outcome of the Senate run-off races in Georgia. Read More
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Endorsement Vote Results: Public Advocate and City Council Member, District 6
Click here to see the results of the Dec. 16 TPID endorsement vote for candidates running in the June 22, 2021 primary election.

The club voted to endorse Gale Brewer for City Council Member, District 6, and Jumaane Williams for Public Advocate. We will petition to put them on the ballot, and we will campaign for them.

In addition to those mentioned above, Three Parks has so far also voted to endorse the following candidates for the June 2021 primary:

  • Brian Benjamin: Comptroller
  • Mark Levine: Manhattan Borough President
  • Daniel Marks Cohen: City Council Member, District 7
  • Cynthia Doty: Female District Leader
  • Bob Botfeld: Male District Leader
Ongoing: Endorsement Votes for Mayor and Other NYC Offices. What You Need to Know
Starting back in November and continuing into March, Three Parks Independent Democrats is holding endorsement votes for Mayor, Comptroller, City Council, and other offices that are up for election in 2021. 

Candidates for each office are invited to speak at our regular club meetings, now held via Zoom. Before each meeting, candidates are asked to submit a brief profile. At the Zoom meeting, each candidate will make brief remarks and take questions. Eligible voters may vote electronically during a set time period following the club meeting.

NOTE: More information for eligible voters can be found here.
Make Sure You Are Eligible to Vote!

In order to vote to endorse candidates and for the Board and officers, you must be a member of Three Parks Independent Democrats. In addition, you must have met the dues payment and meeting attendance requirements listed on the Rules page of the Endorsement Center on the Three Parks website here.

The list of club members eligible to vote following the January 13 meeting can be found here If you have met the dues and attendance requirements but your name is not on the list, contact the club's Membership Director Theresa Canter by clicking here.
Remaining Endorsement Schedule
Schedule of Candidates / Offices
January 13
January 27
February 10
March 11
Manhattan District Attorney
Judges, judicial delegates
Three Parks Board
For Jan. 13: About the Office of Manhattan District Attorney.
The Manhattan District Attorney is responsible for the prosecution of violations of New York state laws (federal law violations in Manhattan are prosecuted by the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York). The DA’s job is to rectify wrongdoings committed against the public. The District Attorney analyzes and gathers evidence to determine whether or not there are grounds to prosecute individuals. If a case goes to trial, the DA presents the case to a judge. 

Please give some thought to questions you'd like to ask the Manhattan DA candidates at the January 13 endorsement meeting.
Gale Brewer Thanks Three Parks for Our Endorsement

Gale Brewer, currently Manhattan Borough President, has written to Three Parks to thank us for endorsing her candidacy for City Council Member, District 6.  Her letter, addressed to TPID President Lorraine Zamora, reads as follows:

Dear Lorraine:
I write to thank Three Parks Independent Democrats for the endorsement of my candidacy for the 6th City Council District.  I appreciate the professional way in which you moderated the process over zoom; I think you now have a lot of expertise, and you have great tech back up!  
Taking Back the Senate: Campaigning for Warnock and Ossoff 

As we await the results of the Georgia Senate run-off election, we send our thanks to all of you who campaigned for the Democratic candidates Rev. Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff! Your phone calls and postcards together reached several thousand Georgia voters. Here are some details about what Three Parks volunteers accomplished.

Phone Banks. During the course of three evening phone banking sessions, more than 35 volunteers made over 1,400 calls and logged approximately 220 meaningful conversations with voters.

Postcards. Ninety volunteers wrote 2,500 postcards to young voters living in Georgia’s coastal areas. Read More
Judicial Delegate Candidates Needed
At the February 10 club meeting, Three Parks will be endorsing six judicial delegates and six alternate delegates. 
Judicial delegates select the Democratic nominee for open New York County Supreme Court judgeships. Delegates must be available to attend the Judicial Nominating Convention, which will be held one evening, most likely in August (the date has not yet been set). At the convention the delegates will cast votes, by Assembly District, to determine which judicial candidates will appear as the party’s nominees on the general election ballot in November. Delegates are also expected to meet the judicial candidates prior to the Convention. There will be Supreme Court Judicial Forums and receptions held by the candidates where delegates can meet the judges running for NYS Supreme Court.
If you want to run for judicial delegate, please email District Leader Bob Botfeld at rjbwteg@aol.com by January 29 so that your name will be included on the electronic ballot that will be distributed following the February meeting. Read More
Closing the Income/Wealth Gap
By Steve Max 

Is education really the key to closing the racial income/wealth gap? Most people would say yes, but a closer look shows a different picture. Important as education is, much more is needed.

The Biden Administration has only two years to substantially improve conditions for lower and middle income voters, Democrats and Republicans alike. If not, the Republican Party will be back with a vengeance and likely to stay. The Administration needs to address racial disparities. Broad solutions can often appeal to a wider constituency because many racial issues are linked to gender and class issues. 

Click on the image below to learn more about the income/wealth gap by race in America, and some possible remedies. Sound is included, so be sure your audio is turned on.
 Upcoming Meetings
Wednesday, Jan. 6, 8:00 PM
Three Parks Board Meeting

Wednesday, Jan. 13, 8:00 PM
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Endorsement Vote for Manhattan District Attorney

Wednesday, Jan. 27, 7:00 PM
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Wednesday, Jan. 27, 8:00 PM Three Parks Club Meeting
Endorsement Vote for Mayor
Wednesday, Feb. 10, 8:00 PM
Three Parks Club Meeting
Endorsement Vote for Judges and Judicial Delegates

Wednesday, Feb. 24, 8:00 PM
Three Parks Board Meeting

Wednesday, Mar. 10, 8:00 PM
Three Parks Club Meeting
Three Parks Board Election
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