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January 2023
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President's Report

Coming Up: Endorsement Votes
for NY City Council and
for District Leaders.
What You Need to Know

The DCCC Oppo Reseach Report
on George Santos

How to Solidify NY's True Blue Status

City to Slash Retirees' Health Benefits

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Wednesday, January 11, 2023, at 8:00 pm
Candidates for Endorsement
Candidates for
City Council Districts 6 and 7
Gale Brewer ● Shaun Abreu
Keith Harris

Candidates for
Democratic District Leaders
Cynthia Doty ● Daniel Marks Cohen

Endorsement voting will take place following the February 8 Club meeting

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City Council candidates
Questions and Answers
District Leader candidates
Questions and Answers
District Leader Report
State Committee Report
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President's Report
By Lorraine Zamora

Where did 2022 go? At times, this past year seemed endless. At other times, it seemed fleeting. Yet here we are, almost one quarter of the way through the century! 
It’s a good thing that I have Three Parks to keep me on track. And keep me sane! I say that sincerely. When my family and friends wonder how we will get through, and how Democrats will win, I find comfort in saying, “Stay with Three Parks.” Three Parks has given me the faith and strength to believe that our city, and our country, will do the right thing. That will not change – despite all the challenges we face, in this new year and beyond.
Thanks to all Three Parks club members for working so tirelessly to champion our progressive values, and for taking on the unending grassroots tasks that are the key to success for our Democratic candidates and officeholders.
 Happy New Year to all.
Coming Up: Endorsement Votes for NY City Council and for District Leaders. 
What You Need to Know

Because of redistricting, there will be an election this year for NY City Council members. In preparation for that event, at the January 11 Club meeting, Three Parks will hear from candidates for the newly redrawn Council Districts 6 and 7. You can see the new district lines here. Each candidate will make brief remarks and take questions. Then in February, we will hold an endorsement vote.

On the same schedule, we will also hear from candidates for Democratic District Leader and then hold an endorsement vote.

Starting later in February, we will petition for our endorsed candidates. The Primary election will be held in June.

NOTE: Information for eligible voters can be found here.
Make Sure You Are Eligible to Vote!

In order to vote to endorse candidates, you must be a member of Three Parks Independent Democrats. In addition, you must have met the dues payment and meeting attendance requirements listed on the Rules page of the Endorsement Center on the Three Parks website here.
The DCCC Oppo Research Report
on George Santos

If you're wondering why it took so long to publicize Congressman-elect George Santos's life of lies and fabrications, take a look at the background research report on him done by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. It lacks an executive summary of the major facts, and while it features his right-wing credentials, which were already well known and on which he was proudly campaigning, it never questioned his employment or educational claims, nor his claim of Jewish ancestry.

To see the report, click here.
Congratulations to Club members Aaron Mendelsohn and Aviva Tropp on the birth of their son Ari.
How to Solidify NY’s True Blue Status: Advice from Successful Campaign Manager Chris Walsh and NYS State Committee Experts
By Wendy Diller

Aside from learning lessons from the travesty of Republican George Santos on Long Island, many NYS Democrats are now focusing on getting an early start on plans for across-the-board victories in 2024, with an eye on what works in the state's purple districts and how grassroots groups, including political clubs, should engage, beginning now.
These topics were the agenda for Three Parks' December 14 monthly meeting, where the principal speaker was Chris Walsh, the former director for Democratic Congressman Pat Ryan's two successful campaigns in 2022 in CD-18 and CD-19. Walsh, who also previously led Brad Lander's upset victory in a 10-way ranked choice primary for NYC comptroller in 2021 and before that founded Flippable, a PAC dedicated to turning red state legislatures blue, spoke about what works for purple districts as well as the crucial role of grassroots groups in fast-paced, nimble political campaigns.
Chris Walsh, campaign director for Dem. Congressman
Pat Ryan and NYC Comptroller Brad Lander.
His talk was followed by a panel discussion on reforming the state’s Democratic Party. State Committee member Erica Vladimer and Hunter College Roosevelt Institute of Public Policy Director Basil Smikle Jr. discussed the need for reforms, with moderation provided by Three Parks Board member and State Committee member Daniel Marks Cohen

In his talk, Walsh stressed that winning campaigns have “authentic” candidates who deliver strong, principled messages. Most important is the absolute need for candidates to take the offensive in messaging and tone and “define the field on their own terms” – something that NYS Democrats did not do in 2022 when they completely ceded the conversation to Republican concerns about rising crime and inflation. To prep for 2024, Walsh continued, Democratic candidates will need to be bold about their messaging and hold elected officials accountable...

Read More.
City to Slash Retirees’ Health Benefits
By Lynn & Steve Max

As we go to press, the NYC Organization of Public Service Retirees has announced that next week, legislation will be introduced in the City Council stripping retired City workers of their Medicare benefits. An amendment to the Administrative Code (12-126) will allow the City to put retirees in an as yet unspecified, for-profit Medicare Advantage plan while relieving the City of its legal obligation to provide Medigap insurance for those wishing to remain in traditional Medicare.
               (To take action, go to the end of this article.)
Not only are over 250,000 retired workers impacted, but so are their immediate families. Another 330,000 current employees will be in the same situation when they retire. The move has been strongly criticized by Council Member Gale Brewer. (Scroll down in her newsletter here.)
The Amsterdam News explained how higher-paid retirees with larger pensions will be able to remain in traditional Medicare by paying for their own Medigap insurance. Those with smaller pensions will have no choice but to accept an inferior plan with long waits for preapproval of life-saving tests and procedures, and often denial of care. The new plan replaces an equitable system for all City workers with a two-tiered system. Often, those in the lower tier will be people of color. Many studies, including one by the Inspector General of the US Department of Health and Human Services  show that for-profit Medicare Advantage Plans offer inferior care.

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Our condolences to Club member Stephanie Tegnasian, whose beloved mother, Adeline Tegnasian, 91 years old, passed away in December following hip replacement surgery.
Call for Judicial Delegate Candidates

This coming February, Three Parks members will vote to endorse judicial delegates and alternate delegates.

Judicial delegates select the Democratic nominee for open New York County Supreme Court judgeships. Delegates must be available to attend the Judicial Nominating Convention, which is typically held in August. At the Convention, the delegates will cast votes, by Assembly District, to determine which judicial candidates will appear as the party's nominees on the general election ballot in November. Delegates are also expected to meet the judicial candidates prior to the Convention. There will be Supreme Court Judicial Forums and receptions held by the candidates where delegates can meet the judges running for New York State Supreme Court.

If you want to run for judicial delegate, please email District Leader Cynthia Doty at cldoty@aol.com by January 29 so that your name will be included on the election ballot in February.

Read More.
Three Parks mourns the passing of longtime Club member Minda Meister at the age of 95. She worked as a waitress, actress and stage manager. Described as "feisty and never short of opinions," she was active for many years in local politics and was also a lover of opera and music performed in Central Park.
Read more about our grassroots activities.
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