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Club Members Reach Out to KY and ME Voters to Help Take Back the Senate!

November 2019 Vote Results

Three Parks Annual Board Election

Saving Our Neighborhood Stores

Social Media Is Now a Vital Campaign Tool
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In Memory of TPID Board Member
Marie A. Lunn

“ALEC" Is Not
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Three Parks Winter Party

Wednesday, Jan. 8, 2020 8:00 pm
The Youth Hostel
891 Amsterdam Avenue at 103rd St.

Impeachment: What's Next?
Invited Speakers:
Elizabeth Holtzman
Former U.S. Representative
Maya Wiley
MSNBC Legal Analyst

Candidates for Federal and State Offices
U.S. Congress • State Senate • State Assembly • State Committee •
Judicial Delegates

7:45 pm: Sign in
8:00 pm: Call to Order
District Leader Report
Invited Speakers :
Elizabeth Holzman
Maya Wiley
Candidates for Federal and State Offices
Questions and Answers
Adjour n

Sunday, January 12, 5:00 to 8:00 pm
American Youth Hostel
103rd St. and Amsterdam Ave.

President's Report
By Lorraine Zamora
Happy New Year to all!

First, a note about the annual Three Parks Winter Party. The party normally takes place in December, but this year we ran into a rare and unforeseen schedule conflict with the Youth Hostel. But undaunted, we have rescheduled the party for early in the New Year, on Sunday, January 12. We look forward to celebrating with all of you!

Now as you know, the year ahead looks to be especially momentous and challenging. Three Parks hopes to play an important role in supporting Democratic candidates, and planning for that effort is already underway.  

Club Members Reach Out to KY and ME Voters to Take Back the Senate
By Chuck Wall

Undeterred by the cold and rainy weather, Three Parks volunteers gathered on Dec. 9 for an evening of phone banking and postcard writing. This was the third event this fall in the “Take Back Congress” campaign, and a full schedule of additional events is planned as this year’s elections get closer. All interested Club members are invited to join us in our ongoing efforts. 
Volunteers at the Dec. 9 event called young voters in Maine to encourage them to come to the polls .
As Club members know, helping Democrats regain control of the Senate in 2020 is crucial. We are currently targeting two vitally important races: the fights to unseat Republican Senators Mitch McConnell in Kentucky and Susan Collins in Maine. At the Dec. 9 event, we had three activities going on at once:

  • Phoning Republican seniors in Kentucky to alert them that Senator McConnell cannot be trusted to protect the Social Security and Medicare benefits that seniors rely on
  • Writing postcards to Republican seniors in Kentucky with the same message about Senator McConnell
  • Phoning younger registered Democrats in Maine who neglected to vote in 2018 and urging them to come to the polls next year
November 2019 Vote Results
Last November, New York City voters went to the polls to select a Public Advocate and to approve or turn down five ballot proposals. The following table shows the results, both in our 69th Assembly District and city-wide.

To see the table of results, click here .
Three Parks Annual Board Election
The election will be held at the Club meeting on Wednesday, February 12. Additional nominations can be made from the floor at the January 8 Club meeting. Biographies of all candidates will be presented in the February newsletter. Here are the proposed candidates:

Lorraine Zamora, President
Daniele Gerard, 1st V.P.
Merle McEldowney, 2nd V.P.
Ellen Flax, Treasurer
Theresa Canter, Membership Secretary
Jessica Haberstock, Recording Secretary
Charles Wall, Corresponding Secretary
Paul Bifani
Vincent Brancato
Corrine Constantine
Jock Davenport
Wendy Diller
Genora Bennett Johnson
David Lazarus
Mary Ann Marks
Lynn Bender Max
Steve Max
Miriam Rabban
Lois Safian
Irene Shrier
Daniel Tsadok

Founding Member Emeritus
Milivoy Samurovich
Saving Our Neighborhood Stores
By Lynn Bender Max

At a December 5 town hall meeting led by UWS Save Our Stores (SOS), an overflow crowd ( shown at right ) heard speakers address the pressing issue of retail store vacancies in our neighborhood.  SOS President Beth Krieger reported that the vacancy rate in the Broadway corridor is now over 20%. The main drivers of vacancies are e-commerce, high rents, and property taxes and regulatory hurdles.  Community action is urgently needed to ensure the ongoing vibrancy of the West Side.  Remedies proposed by Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer, City Council Member Helen Rosenthal, State Senator Robert Jackson, Assembly Member Linda Rosenthal, and Comptroller Scott Stringer included the following:

  • Senator Jackson’s and Assembly Member Rosenthal’s companion bills to tax store owners after six months of vacancy.
  • City Council’s Small Business Jobs Survival Act, which would establish commercial rent regulation.
  • Easing regulatory hurdles and ensuring coordination between regulators.
  • The Storefront Tracker bill, which requires the City to register all commercial storefronts.  Registration is already underway, and the resulting database will help the City better understand what is causing the current vacancies so that solutions can be developed.

The Town Hall meeting was held just a few weeks after Three Parks’ own meeting on saving our small businesses and was attended by several Three Parks members, who all agreed that it was extremely well run and informative and who look forward to being part of the effort to Save Our Stores.
Social Media Is Now a Vital Campaign Tool for Democrats
By Paul Froehlich

 Social media is now one of the main ways that political campaigns reach voters. So it is great news that leading Democratic strategists have recently launched a new organization called ACRONYM and a companion PAC called PACRONYM to use social media to help elect Democrats in 2020. The group plans to spend $75 million on digital advertising to counter President Trump’s early spending advantage in key battleground states. This will be done through innovative advertising campaigns on Facebook, YouTube, and other platforms.

Mark Your Calendar

Three Parks Winter Party
Sunday, January 12, 5:00 to 8:00 pm
American Youth Hostel
103rd Street and Amsterdam Avenue
Please bring a dish for 4 to 6 people.
RSVP by clicking here .

Take Back the Senate Phone Bank
& Postcard Writing
Tuesday, January 21, 6:30 to 8:30 PM
West 110th St. Location
For details, watch for email announcements or check the Three Parks website at threeparksdems.org .

Deadline for Switching Party Affiliation
Friday, February 14
Last day to switch party affiliation for both the April and June primaries

“ALEC" Is Not Your New
Best Friend 
By Maxine DeSeta and Chuck Wall

ALEC is the most dangerous corporate lobby group most Americans haven’t even heard of, to paraphrase how Common Cause describes it. Many of the most important political fights -- healthcare, voting rights, environmental protection -- take place on the state level. And the secretive American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), despite denying that it engages in lobbying, gets an outsize say in all of them, thanks to the efficient way that it rams far- right legislation through state houses. 

ALEC’s members are a coalition of two groups: representatives of some of America’s biggest corporations, and conservative state lawmakers who sympathize with corporate goals. They work in close partnership; the corporate sponsors provide funding for the organization and perks for the lawmakers, and in return the lawmakers allow the corporations’ lobbyists to write their dream legislation into ALEC “model bills.” The lawmakers then rush those bills through their state houses, turning them into laws that enrich corporations and hurt the rest of us. 

Congratulations! to formerTPID President Elizabeth Kellner and to Commissioner Doug Kellner on the birth of their first grandchild, Levi.
In Memory of TPID Board Member Marie A. Lunn
On November 6, TPID members joined friends and family members at a solemn and moving memorial service for the late Marie A. Lunn, a TPID Board member who passed away suddenly in September. The service took place in the historic Abyssinian Baptist Church on West 138 th Street, where Ms. Lunn was a parishioner. The eulogy was delivered by the church pastor, the Reverend Dr. Calvin O. Butts III.

Ms. Lunn was the Clerical Coordinator of the Orthopedic Unit at St. Luke’s Roosevelt Hospital starting in 1992. Besides her work with Three Parks, she also volunteered with the Fresh Air Fund, the Retired & Senior Volunteer Program, the Breast Cancer Foundation, The American Lung Association, the Schomburg Center, and St. Luke’s Volunteers. She received a Bronze President’s Volunteer service award in 2015.
Admission is FREE, so plan to come and enjoy the fun, festivities, and food with other club members and their families.

Please bring a main dish for 4 to 6 people -- meat, fish, vegetable, potato/pasta/rice, or dessert--for the buffet. Three Parks will also collect cash or checks made out to West Side Campaign Against Hunger.

You can RSVP by clicking here.
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Three Parks Club Meeting

Wednesday, Jan. 22 , 8:00 pm
Three Parks Board Meeting

Wednesday, Feb. 12 , 8:00 pm
Three Parks Club Meeting
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Three Parks Board Meeting

Wednesday, Mar. 13 , 8:00 pm
Three Parks Club Meeting

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Three Parks Board Meeting
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